Beating the Odds at Hershey 7/27

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We left my house for Hershey at about 2:00, just being my mom and I. We first had to go to the post office, bank, and stop to see my nana and get some drinks and snacks for the road. We were finally on 81 on our way to HP at 3:20. It usually only takes us an 1 1/2, but it took us 2 hours, because of the horrible downpours and and thunderstorms. We were starting to wonder if we had rocks in our head for going there, and probably the park being closed. We decided to just go for it.

We were there and parked by 5:10, just in time. We parked in 18 Mr. Goodbar. It was cloudy there, but not raining or anything. We payed our admission, and off we were. We had no idea where we wanted to start. We went over to Comet, and it was roped off. Apparently, HP needs clearance from the office to open up rides after rain. So,we waited there for about 1/2 hour. When they finally opened it, I went through the quene, and I got the front seat.

Comet- not as good as I remember it being last time I was there, a few years ago. It seemed slower. Still, I got some good airtime.

Next, my mom and I went over to Great Bear. This too was roped off, but opened within 5 minutes. My mom went over to the picture booth to wait for me, because she doesn't really like roller coasters that much, so I would be solo for much of the evening.

Great Bear- this was a fun ride, although I couldn't get the front seat, because the line was ridiculous for it, so I decided to go in the back. It was a good ride, but nothing like Raptor, at CP. Fast loading times. Only waited about 5 minutes, because they had two trains going.

Sooperdooperlooper- this was a walk-on. I got the front seat, and I was surprised by just the little lap bar, with no seat belt. I enjoyed it, although it isn't very thrilling.

Trailblazer- this too was a walk-on. My mom went on it with me because it's a small coaster. It wasn't that great, but you do get up close to Storm Runner. We sat in the last row.

Storm Runner- this is the main reason that I came to HP. The line was on the first set of stairs. It was only a 15- 20 minute wait. I got in the next to last row. They checked our restraints, and we went out to the launch track. I love launchs. This was fun, although it can't be compared to TTD. I really enjoyed the elements, I just wish that it was a tad bit bigger. I kept my hands up, and i'm glad that I did. This definitly was my favorite coaster of the day, although this wasn't my favorite seat or time to ride. :)

Sidewinder- walk-on. It was an ok ride, nothing special. My favorite part was going backwards through the elements. Your head really gets bashed on this one.

Wildcat- this is the second and last ride that my mom went on today. We had a 2 car wait for the back row. I enjoyed this ride, it supplys a lot of airtime, although it is rough. My mom kept her hands on the bar and her eyes closed the whole ride. :)

Wild Mouse- this was my least favorite ride of the day. It is very jerky, and not a lot of fun. 5 minute wait.

Lightning Racer- this was about a 5-10 minute wait. I sat in the back row of Thunder (green) and we won. I didn't feel like doing the lightning side.

Then, my mom and I got some pizza at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria by Tidal Force.

Storm Runner- this time, it was a lot better because it was dark out, and I sat towards the front. For my second ride of the day on it, I sat in the second or third car, on the spectator side. It was awesome. The third time was even better yet. I only waited maybe 10 minutes, for the 2nd Row. It was great. I love the lights on the tophat, when the yellow flashes the supports, it makes it look like TTD. Storm Runner is now my 2nd or 3rd favorite coaster. I love the dual station. I also love on the top of the top hat, seeing the whole park lit up. Amazing. Last ride of the night.

We started to leave the park, and stopped at Hershey Souveniers and Gifts. I got a shirt there that says Hershey Park Happy and a drawstring bag. Then, we went to the Cocoa Beanery and got ice cream,which later fell of my cone. :(

All in all, it was a great evening, and we will return soon. My topic is titled this because while we were at the park,it didn't rain, even though it was supposed to thunderstorm and downpour. *** Edited 7/28/2005 4:29:20 PM UTC by coasterniece***

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick


You picked the worst time yesterday to be on the road! Those were some nasty storms. Glad you got there OK and had a good time. Sorry about the ice cream though.

I was there a few Saturdays ago, and I thought the loading times were ridiculously slow, especially for Hershey (OK, I'm spoiled by Knoebels crews). I figured maybe it was just the heat and humidity. It didn't help that some people brought most of their worldly possessions to store in the bins at Great Bear. The second train consistently had a one or two minute wait outside the station before the next one took off.

And you're right SR totally rocks.

Next time you go, humor your mom and take her on some of the "gentler" rides, just to thank her for taking you to the "sweetest place on earth."

Yea, I offered,but she said that she would rather just watch me.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

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