BeastBuzz 2006 - June 17 (Long+Scavenger Hunt)

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TR: Paramount's Kings Island
Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Too many quotes to do quotes!"

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, it's time for BeastBuzz!

I had already planned it out to arrive toward the end of sign-in, leaving home at about 10:00 AM to get to the park by 10:45 to sign in. The reason for waiting was so I could stay for the ERT for the first time this year, instead of being worn out from being there since the start and having to head out.

Well all was going fine, and we entered I-71 at the usual location, from SR-48 about two miles North of the Kings Mills Road/Kings Island Drive exit.

We rounded the curve off of the entrance ramp that leads to the two-mile straight run to the exit, when trouble struck.

The entire straight run to the exit was clogged, and we promptly slammed on the brakes and joined the slow crawl. The time: 10:43. So close!

Well it soon became obvious that I was NOT going to make it into the parking lot and to the front gate in time for sign-in, so I called the park's phone number. After talking to the call center, she said to go straight to Guest Relations as soon as I got there, and tell them to page Maureen so I could get set up with my event stuff including the all-important ID lanyard.

We finally got into the parking lot, at 11:15, after making our way through the jam that consisted of almost entirely incoming traffic to the park. Oh great. 15 minutes past end of sign-in.

I get dropped off up toward the front of the lot and I walk toward the front, to find at least a half-hour backed up clog waiting for the metal detectors. Guest Relations is on the OTHER SIDE of that, and the Beast backstage tour leaves in 15 minutes. Minor expletives are used at this point.

After assessing my options in about a split-second, I dashed over to Security Post 3, also known as the park employee entrance. I spoke to a security supervisor, told him what had happened, and he brought me through the metal detectors there, picked up the phone and attempted to call Maureen.

Two phone calls later, they still can't reach her on phone or radio, and the Beast tour is leaving in like two minutes. He makes a quick call to verify the event, and after doing so, gives me walking clearance, motioning me into the park and telling me to catch up to my group as soon as possible, so someone from Marketing could vouch for me and get the situation taken care off.

Wasting no time, I took off across the administration area and into the park on International Street. As fast as humanly possible, I beat feet across the park to Rivertown, where I'm confronted by a group that has already left and is nowhere in sight, and the closed Authorized Personnel Only gate next to Beast's queue.

Well, thanks to the supervisor at Post 3, I'm authorized to intercept my tour, so I do just that, making my way quickly through the gate and into the backstage area, following the route I've been on on four previous Beast tours, alongside the final brake run, under the first lift, and along the first lift to the bottom of the first drop, where I fortunately run into Jennifer from Marketing at the back of the tour group. After catching my breath, I explain what happened, and we proceed with the tour group, where a few minutes later I find Maureen, and quickly get everything in order.

After finally getting sort of signed in, the Beast tour goes as planned, where I meet up with Chris (ttdmfwtm) and we get our photos and video of the tour. After the tour ends, we make a quick stop at the Beast Arcade where I fail at DDR twice, and then we grab Happy Days shakes and proceed around the park, taking some photos and looking for a backpack or something for me to put all my stuff in. Failing that on all the I-Street shops, we go through Nick Universe briefly and then meet the group for the Scavenger Hunt gathering at 1PM at International Showplace.

We pick up our Evil BeastBuzz Scavenger Hunt (TM) and exit the Showplace, where we walk over to the Paramount Story and sit down on the wall, so we can sort through the pages. We had already found a question in it from the Paramount Story so we figured this was a good starting place.

Okay, here we go. The Scavenger Hunt is such a rapidly paced happening that I'll never remember it exactly, but here goes with the questions that I remember, in rough order.

Find the 74th brick in Paramount Story, subtract 1900, get a double dip, add C to the number and get an airbrush tattoo.

We find the 74th brick, Days of Thunder, 1990. Okay, so we have 90 now. Airbrush? Right across the path next to Bubba Gumps. We asked the crew and looked around, but we couldn't find ANYTHING with C90 or 90C on it, and this place only has henna tattoos. Failing that, they suggest we go look at the airbrush tattoo place next to Graeters.

Oh yeah, Graeters! Double dip! We hurried over there and found tattoo pattern C90, which was, apparently, a sunburst with lobster claws. Noting that, we continue, here is where it gets rough...

Count the red benches in Action Zone. Check.

How many times does SOB cross over and under itself? We go up the exit and ask the supervisor, who goes over, consults with the driver, and returns with the number 5. Check.

Count the black squares around the Action Zone water tower, and then see how many cheese coneys you could buy with that number. 24 squares, 12 cheese coneys. Check.

Again, just the ones I immediately remember. The full list will be as an appendix of this TR.

After the cheese coney one, it was time for the reserved seating at School of Rock. We join the queue, Maureen shows up, and we are led into our rows. We have to find a couple things for the Hunt here, the number above Alexis Flex's name, and count the number of exits, and add them. Okay, we saw the show, and finally saw the number above Alexis Flex's name, which was 7. Technically $7. Added to the number of exits, which we counted to be six exit signs in the theater. Added. 13. Check.

After exiting the show, we had a pretty short amount of time before the Son of Beast backstage tour at 3:30, so we quickly set off again, getting a couple or three more.

Count the centrally located candy bins in Fudge and Fun. Counted them real quick. Check.

Find the suitable age range for the Milton Bradley game at Happy Days. We looked on the patio, DJ booth, nothing, then found the Fonz game inside the restaurant. Check.

Time for Son of Beast. We met outside Flight of Fear, and the marketing crew offered around some free sunscreen to the gathering group, because did I mention, it is FREAKING HOT AND CROWDED today?!

We proceeded on down past Psycho Path, King Cobra, and on to the Rose Bowl helix, and then on down past Adventure Express and under SOB's first drop. This thing looks a lot more massive from in here than from anywhere else. We got photos and video and watched it cycling, and headed on back. Mustn't forget having to walk right over the park's sewer! And one final note, on the new structure on the Rose Bowl, they actually cut the chain link fencing and built the structure right through, without moving the actual fence!

My feet were feeling totally DEAD, so we got some more water and took it easy for a little bit after the tour, then set off on the hunt.

We saw we had to go to Boomerang Bay for two clues, and there is a particularly evil one involving the park map and the VIP parking lot. Have to find the incorrect height requirement(s) on the map, and count the spaces on the VIP lot.

We got on the train and I tried to call Klockster to have him check the height requirements for us, but his phone seemed to be off, so we sent an AIM message on Chris' phone to someone else to have him read us off the requirements. He wasn't able to respond at the moment, so we left the AIM phone on, and boarded the train.

Damn, it's hot, and have to walk across the waterpark in this heat, crowds, and no shade.

Find some sort of Aussie phrase on the sign thing at Outback Shack all the way over by the wave pool. Got it, it's something like "Bob's your uncle" or something. Check.

Find the country of origin for the Snowy River Rampage. Proslide sticker says Canada. Check.

As soon as we start walking back from Snowy River to the train station, the AIM phone goes off with a list of height requirements, so we quickly check and identify Racer, listed as 48" instead of 44". Check. Back to the train station to Rivertown, we're almost out of time here!

We have like ten minutes to be back at the Picnic Grove now. So we split up and I run off to get the Beast Arcade answer, and then try to find the blue lines on the White Water Canyon bridge, but no luck whatsoever. Beating feet, I make it to the picnic grove, and get let in by Maureen and sent back to the shelter. Finally, a place to sit.

I sat down and got a Coke, and then some food after turning in the scavenger hunt, and after we ate and drank quickly, left the grove to head around the park for photo purposes, and maybe some rides.

We made our way around to Coney, and saw the first short line of the day, the Scrambler. We take a quick ride, then see a near walk-on for Racer, so we do Racer Forwards in 5.2.

After a quick (or not so quick) restroom stop, we head over into Action Zone where we pretty much walk on to Top Gun's front seat, then ride in 5.2 of Adventure Express, ride Viking Fury, and follow my scanner to Face/Off to watch it get manually lowered off of the first spike, where it had been stuck with riders, just before it went down mechanical.

Viking Fury marked the end of the day riding, so we continued walking around for photos and video, finally sitting down at the Lt. Dans Bar patio for a little while just before the award ceremony in the Paramount Theater, and discussed the Hunt with James K. and Joe, and two others who I cannot remember names for.

We went to the theater after getting some water at Ice Scream Zone, and went inside briefly before going back out to watch the fireworks, before returning to our front row seats.

They recorded the awards ceremony for the CoasterBuzz Podcast, but the audio was a little sketchy in places. James K's team won the hunt, and after it was over we sat in the nice cool theater waiting for the park to clear for ERT.

After the park cleared, we headed over to Action Zone. I'll be quick here since we basically just rode repeatedly.

Got three in seat 17 of Drop Zone, facing International Street, then once on Delirium. Headed to FOF, took some pics, then rode FOF once in the last car.

Headed from FOF over to Beast, and I took some pictures and then held onto Chris' stuff, then I figured what the heck, might as well ride, so I hopped into 3.2 and rode, then changed to 1.2 for my second ride, which dispatched from the station right at midnight to end the day. I met Chris back at the exit, and we headed down to the Beast entrance plaza, where we waited with Jennifer and a few others for the ERT to end.

After it ended, the group headed to the front gate, where the escorting guard opened the door at the front gate to let us out.

It was a very rapid-paced but very fun day as usual. The scavenger hunt was probably one of the best yet, even I was totally stumped on a few of them, when in the past I've been able to at least identify the rough location to look.

Day Ride List:
Top Gun
Adventure Express
Viking Fury

ERT Ride List:
Drop Zone
Drop Zone
Drop Zone
Flight of Fear


BeastBuzz Scavenger Hunt 2006

It's that time, get ready to have fun!
You don't have long before you have to be done!
I wish you the best, I hope you do great!
Now it's up to you to determine your group's fate


1st: Dora Dollars or 2006 Season Pass, Kings Island-Opoly, SpongeBob Jack-In-the-Box

2nd: Kings Island-Opoly

3rd: SpongeBob Jack-In-the-Box

1) Bring all your friends to this Beastly Arcade
But only this many are aloud entry even if they've paid
Feeling left out? I don't want all of you to be sad
Go ride the Beast and one train of seats to that number you can add

2) Mama always had a way of saying things so I could understand
And this tip she'd give you if she were on hand
Always take special care of you coat, shirt and shoes
Especially a shirt made in this Italian city or you'll get boohooed

3) Riding this wooden coaster is really a treat
But I prefer the edible goodies across the street
So many choices, there's never a need to sulk
From how many centrally located plastic bins can I buy candy in bulk?

4) Hooping it up might make you thirsty for a Sprite
But doing well in school makes your future bright
Quickly look behind you, this question is about who will win run the race
If man gets chased by this animal, he would not keep pace

5) Change into something new and take a blast to the past
If this bag of riches were real, you'd smile pretty fast
Look to your left and name the specific city
If the bankers lost this money is surely would be a pity

6) To this Queen City favorite you must take flight
You can stay for awhile but not for the night
Inside is where you can take a leisurely bite
But giving me the name of Paramount's famous corporation would be my delight

7) Take a walk down Paramount's History
Count 74 squares down to reveal the first mystery
Name the year and 1900 subtract
Now you are ready for the next interesting fact!
Being next to here I may stop in for a double dip
But first I'll add a C to the determined number and have this object airbrushed on my hip

8) In one big bite he'd chop you in two
If I was this guy's dentist, I'd certainly be blue
I'd bet you he eats a lot of chicken and beef
But for today's purpose I need the number of this green guy's upper teeth

9) Riding this ride may give you a fright
But don't worry this dog won't bite
Check this reminder to purchase you memory in the mak'n
On what day were the pictures hanging on the wall taken?

10) This question will make you go round and round
But I swear by all Nick Characters the answer can be found
Look at Dora as she moves along the track
What color flower is on her wrist as she rides horse back?

11) Of all the types of condiments, ketchup is the best
At PKI, Heniz is the brand that stands above the rest
Find a packet and look very close
Tell me the sixth ingredient, that's what I want to know most

12) Lara Croft it amazing
She can crack any code!
But before you go on her adventure, this riddle you must unfold
Added extras rarely come for free
But Lara's tricked-out ride came for this specific fee

13) Put on a record and swing to the Oldies beat
Play this Milton Bradley game to stay out of the heat
People can have fun during all of life's stages
But this game is recommended for this range of ages

14) Go to this place where tokens are won not sold
And find the mining game where you fill your train with gold
This one is easy, so there is not need to stress
What is the name of this metal willed express?

15) Watch the Mr. & Mrs. enjoy beer served in Steins
Days like these are all about only good times
If the party goes sour and turns up in flames
I am glad we have this object, I need its number not its name

16) Centrally located, this place is where water is stored
Check out all the neat movie signs if you start to get bored
Please count the number of encircling black squares
Even though you probably think that no one really cares
Take that number and pretend you have that much money
How many cheese conies can you buy for your honey?

17) Look at this ship as it sails in a flurry
Now turn and watch these golden guys move in a hurry
Give'm a snack, dessert, breakfast, lunch or dinner
Name the tree on their food dispenser and you'll be a winner

18) It's exciting to see the park from up high
Especially when there is a clear blue sky
Grab one of these it will give you a better view
Name the city this machine was made in to answer the clue

19) Some people like to perform in Karaoke Bars
But prefer to sing among fellow Pop Stars
Look at the song list and tell me my number of choices
Let's pray that tonight everyone will have spectacular voices

20) This ride is one of my favorites; I think it's pretty super
All my life I have dreamed of owning a red mini cooper
To keep this wish alive, I'll take home this pleasant reminder
Or move to this license plate state, where the weather is kinder

21) Exciting adventures don't always need a loop
For this record holder pleases almost every group
Build though acres of wooded trails
To keep this ride intact it takes how many nails?

22) There are many different choices for transportation
But saying it isn't fun to ride this is an abomination
Traveling along you'll see the Mary Rose Inn
Tell me the cost of a room and two whiskeys to win

23) Buy a beer and consult this conveniently posted sign
For anyone visiting this country, knowing these words will be divine
Bring along a note book, keep all this lingo at hand
Tell me this down under phrase that lets me I know you understand

24) When you come through the gate, be sure to step inside
Buy some sunglasses but please check this handy guide
Make sure you remember your back, ears and your toes
According to this tropical expert, for a skin level three what SPF do you propose?

25) I like big trees when they stand proud and tall
But they can be used to make pretty things that hang on the wall
Garrison is the family name that they like to boast
Name the lady of the house, and in her honor make a toast

26) This store's logo contains a lady of the sea
And everyone knows this the coolest place to be
Picking what to put in your beverage can be kind of hard
Inquire about getting this piece of plastic and tell me the name on the sample card

27) Electricity makes everything look bright
I can see this from my house at night
This green box is not as big
Tell me what number you must dial before you dig

28) Pick up one of these to plan your day the best
Find which height requirements are wrong - what a pest!

29) Some people say that this month is quite scary
Being under attack is a hard burden to carry
Find the film from the clue up above -
Flip to the other side to find an answer I'll love
There are seven of these that make up a week
On what day did this film open? This is the answer I seek

30) Find Sevylor to stay afloat
I prefer this over a boat
I need an answer before you hit the road
What is this objects home zip code?

31) I'll give you a break... you had a hard day
Take a load off and sit and stay
To keep in the zone, the color red will keep you on track
On how many of these can you rest your back?

32) On this journey, before you board
Spot the color green and the correct answer you can hoard
Look for this flying creature and search beneath his paw
What is the two word slogan that you saw?

33) I really hate to wait for the train
Wasting valuable time is such a pain
I'm on my way, above the track I go
The number of blue lines is what I need to know

34) This is the place where important people park
Find the VIP sign and go to that mark
Number the spaces the car can fill
Then you'll be done with this crazy counting drill

35) Go for a ride on this arctic slide
From the cold water you cannot hide
Finding its origin country may be rather tricky
I don't think this question is being too picky

36) I really love a live rock'n roll band
The number of exits is what you need to keep in hand
Tell me their number, please don't be late
Go enjoy the show, I'm sure you'll think it's great
Even though you may have thought you were done with this task
Add the number above Alexis Flex's name, that's what I ask

37) If I had a son this wicked, I'd scream
But having a good little boy would be my dream
On your ride, your car may sound like thunder
How many times does this ride cross over and under?

This game is now over
I don't mean to be rude
But high tail it to the picnic grove
And turn this in before food!

Wow, I'm glad we're not the only one who had troubles at the beginning of the day. We just had absolutely no clue how crowded this place could be on a Saturday. We were having the same troubles trying to figure out what to do, and a supervisor helped us get into the park. Against all odds, I ran into Jeff right as we walked into the park, so we found out that the registration packages could be picked up at Willcall, right next to the closed Cbuzz booth.

Since we had missed the Beast walkback, we also missed the SOB walkback location which was listed as to be announced. So we're running around like mad trying to find anyone who could give us information. We go to the SOB entrance--no one. I try a giftshop where I knew the girl could call homebase--they don't know anything, but suggests we go to the exit, where of course no one was there.

We asked the people at the picture booth, and they don't know. Someone tries to help and asks a ride op. Nothing. So we go back to the midway where I run into a supervisor from rides. He tells me that Maureen from PR is in charge of the event. Feeling a total sense of desparation that we've payed money, but yet can't find out any information and it's hot as hell and people are smoking everywhere (sorry LG), I'm like "What is going on? Why can't anyone tell us anything?"

So he attempts to reach Maureen on her cell phone and--nothing. He can't reach her and says "Sorry guys." "I'm thinking inside "Sorry, guys? That's the best they can do?" Remember at this point, I had no idea that we only had a hundred people there, and there are 36,000 people in the park. Finally, we run into someone with a lanyard, and we made the tour, and the rest of the day went fine. We even played two of the games, where I actually got pretty darn close to the basket down by the Beast, and that was really tough, since this wasn't your typical basketball game. Oh no--the basket was up at an extreme angle and very far away.

I just don't understand why the information wasn't made available until the week of the event, which did us no good since we were on the road and had no internet access. I tried accessing the Cbuzz site on my cellphone, but only got as far as the registration screen. Maybe this is a good tip for the next event?

Anyway, at the end of the day, it was a fun time. Could someone lower the temperature though next year:)

Yeah, Saturdays at PKI are always busy, but this was downright alarming!
The beginning of your report put me out of breath just reading it. That's quite a trek to run!
Tell me about it. Once I had jogged/ran pretty much non-stop from Post 3 at the edge of the handicapped aprking lot, all the way back to Beast's first drop, I pretty much spent the rest of the tour in recovery mode. By the end of the day, my feet were deader than usual thanks to the rough start.

I think I'm bagging on the scavenger hunt next year, unless they reduce the evil level of it significantly.

*** Edited 6/27/2006 7:00:58 PM UTC by pkidelirium***

I've read through 20 minutes worth of posts and I have YET to read anything about the BEAST RIDES and ERT.

Enough of the run-up to just getting INTO the park and the scavenger hunt. We've all had chaotic entrances to parks and dealt with large crowds.

How was the riding????? How many rides did you guys get on THE BEAST???? How long was the ERT?

Barry J.

We started ERT with DZ and Delirium about 11 or so as soon as they got the non-IStreet park clear for us. Each ride ran 4-5 times, then we moved to FOF. Ran 5-6 cycles probably, I rode it once, then on to Beast, where I rode twice. They ran a decent number of cycles here, and we finally left Beast around 12:20 or so to head for the front gate.

Beast was running really well. NO jackhammering at all in the non wheel seats at least, and it was running really really FAST. The brakes were on the standard settings, but Beast was running so fast, it smashed into them so hard they didn't have as much effect on the speed in total, even though it felt a bit harsher due to the speeds.

FOF was running really slow. I don't know why, but it was just really slow. Launch felt weak and the midcourse brake was on ride-killer mode. Drop Zone and Delirium were both their usual great selves.

Barry, chillout! (getting you back for the HW TR:)). I've actually talked about the Beast ERT in other forums, but I grew tired of writing trip reports. The Beast during Beastbuzz was in my opinion, incredibly scary. It was so dark that you couldn't differentiate some sections from each other. It was a little bit nerveracking not knowing where you were when during the day you could tell that you went through a tunnel and then later on went into a open-sided tunnel. And then, needless to say, coming off the second lift into the sheds was frightnening.

Since we were doing multiple rides during the ERT that were quite spreadout, we moved from section to section as a group, so I wouldn't call it a power-riding session like last year's Hydra/Talon event at DP. We still got enough rides in on everything I think to satisfy everyone. I'm guessing we had more or less four opportunities at each stage. The first stop at the Action Zone was tough because it was divided between Delirium and Drop Zone. I got three rides on Delirium and then sprinted over to catch the last DZ ride (and my legs were not happy with me the next day for doing so).

I missed the Avatar ERT in the morning, so I don't know how that went. By the way, everyone should get an Avatar. It was a lot of fun! If I had a wishlist, I would've added the Italian Job and Tomb Raider, but those were at past events, so I understand why they weren't included this time. The employees can't stay all night, now can they?

Thanks, Intamin, for that recap. Interesting day all around, it sounds like.

Wow! The Beast at night in pitch-black is pretty kewl. That's what I'm talking about. When you get back in those deep woods, there are very few coasters on the planet that feel that "isolated," when you literally have no idea in what direction the station is in or you feel as if you are actually on a "journey" into the woods.

That has always been the thing about THE BEAST that trumps so many other wooden coasters. The terrain aspect to it that secrets you away into the woods and offers you TWO completely different rides with the Grand-daddy of helix finishes. Which is why it REMAINS such a classic. There's never been anything quite like it anywhere else, in my opinion.

Of course, VOYAGE has got it going on in the "not sure what the hell is going on" department when it gets back in its woods and it is night. My poor riding companions at HW @ Holliwood Nights Weekend. Arms flailing, body parts slamming into each other, that complete feeling of utter and total chaos and confusion!!!

I love it!!!

Barry J.

This was our second BeastBuzz. Last year we were at the park 19 hours and this year only 15 hours. 2 adults and two teen kids,no breaks and did both hunts. We were exhausted both years and will be there next time. But it truly is a blast and this year was the best yet.
I only wish we had more times to do the games. I've still have six coupons left or something like that. For those not there, we got a bunch of coupons that for the most part were good for one try (some had more like the 5 free rings at Coke Toss) at some of the games spread throughout the park. Even the games had really long lines.

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