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I am new to this site but have a question that has been bugging me for awhile. With the Beast at KI being 33 years old. Why has no one ever beaten the length of this wonderful coaster? When CP does a new coaster someone tries to go taller or faster but in 33 years no one has tried to beat it. Does KI have something on record or somewhere that says no one can go longer or something but to hold the record for that long something has to be up. Maybe i am wrong just a question

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You don't want to disrespect the Beast.

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You've seen the don't mess with sasquatch commercials right? Don't mess with the Beast either.

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Kings Island has the space to let a 7,359 foot roller coaster sprawl out. Most parks don't.

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Even if they had the land, most parks wouldn't want to have to maintain the wood on a 7,359' coaster either. Because it follows the terrain, the amount of wood on Beast is likely much less than a coaster of the same length built on flat ground. I'd be curious to know how many board feet of wood are on Beast vs something like Mean Streak.

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How little wood is there on Boulder Dash? I was impressed. And a great great ride too!

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From random sources:

Beast: 650,000 feet

Mean Streak: 1,700,000 feet

Son of Beast: 2,500,000 feet

Voyage: 320,000 feet (just the track)

(Couldn't find Boulder Dash)

So based on that, over half of the Beast's structure is the track itself, since the Voyage has a similar length and roughly half the amount of wood.

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Meh.....the length record is overrated. If you can maintain 1.5 miles of track and have a decent ride, then good on ya. After about 2000 feet on the Beast I was ready to disembark. If many others disagreed with me, then it would rank higher in polls.

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It's not wooden, but isn't Steel Dragon 2000 longer than The Beast?

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delan said:

If many others disagreed with me, then it would rank higher in polls.

35th of all coasters on the CoasterBuzz rankings.

48th out of 164 woodies in the world in Mitch's poll.

7th best woodie in the 2011 Golden Tickets.


Man, people sure do hate that thing! ;)

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Wow its actually ranked lower than I thought. (Except for Golden Tickets which.....well.... nevermind)

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So being ranked at worst in the top 1/3rd of all wooden coasters qualifies as bad?

For the record, I don't have a problem with your opinion of Beast. It's the interpretation of the numbers and use of them as a qualifier of said opinion that's got me scrunching my brow in confusion. :)

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The Main reason is Money

They can build 2 or so regular coasters plus have enough left to buy a used boomerang :)

Most of the GP could not tell you how long it is or how long the ride lasts

but let someone get hurt on it and you will be hearing how many people died on it (even if no one has)

2 new coasters(or one and a few flats) will get more turnstile clicks than the longest coaster will.

I'm surprised Mean Streak has that high a figure of board feet. Yes, it's a huge coaster, height-wise--but the layout also basically reuses the same wood structure three times. Hmmm.

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Beast questions?

It is disrespectful to question The Beast. ;~)

The Beast is not your friend.

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You may lose your eyeglasses to The Beast.

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I lost my virginity ON the Beast...

maybe not. lol

LostKause said:

I lost my virginity ON the Beast...

On the Beast or TO the Beast?

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^ Please, don't make me link to the 1,001 Nacht object fetishist video again...

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