Beast is Best, Trip Report Time!

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

Guess what park I went to today. That's why I haven't been posting today. We got to Kings Island at 1:00 pm. Immidiately, the Beast was conquered. It had a 25 minute wait, and it was ridden back seat. This might move into the #1 in the "Official Tyler Boes Rankings". I hadn't decided at this point of the day. More about the Beast will be later.

Diamondback was next. I still have the opinion of it being worst than Intimidator. This was a back seat shaking ride. It was a fun ride, nevertheless. The first drop was still great. #2 favorite B&M Hyper as well as #2 favorite ride in the park.

Next, I decided to look at the Banshee construction. Also, I took the time to ask about what it will be. One employee said it'd be probably a giga, and I heard another person talk about how it'd be a dive coaster, giga, or invert. Those people helped very little. Oh well.

Next was Air Time Deck... I mean Flight Deck. It had the suprising first drop air time in the back seat. I was confirmed: there is air time on the first drop. How many times do I have to say that it has air time? I think this is good.

Next was Racer. I was hurt emotionally and physically. Emotionally: I had an awful ride on the first roller coaster I had ridden (age 6) that was over 50 feet. Physically: it was painful. For some reason Racer was bumpier than the Beast.

Next was the Effiel Tower, two train rides, slow loading and a 45 minute wait for Stunt Coaster, and a 4 ride mini-marathon on the fun and swinging Flight Deck. I hate walking there, still.

The next occurance was Beast twice, Diamondback, and then the best part of the day: three Beast night rides. Yes three. No, not one. No, not two. It's three. Yes, three, how many times do I have to clarify? This occurance was between 9:15 and 10:30. There was a 30 minute firework delay, also. I was on the second to last train of the day, and it was dark. It was fun. It was wild. Nuff said because breificy (don't know if that is a real word.) was my goal. Basically, I love the Beast, Kings Island, and sprinting.

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I think you get air on Flight deck because you are small. You probably get airtime on the down elevator on Eiffel Tower too. lol

Tyler Boes said:
Guess what park I went to today. That's why I haven't been posting today.

Really, it was like a little vacation for us all.

I rode towards the front on Flight Deck and got no air time. In the back, there is a good amount. To be honest, there was a lot more than I heard from you guys, but not as much as last year. That makes sense because I have grown 5 inches and 20 pounds since then. It still was great!

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I'm not surprised you didn't find Diamondback the best coaster there. Most people I've known who either are from the KI area or have been there like Beast the best. It's actually one of the few coasters that my father has ridden and I haven't. Although the next park I go to will be my 10th park, and Kings Island is a park I'm considering for that trip (along with Canada's Wonderland and Busch Gardens Tampa). By the way, great report! Sounds to me like you enjoyed it.

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Everything tells me that Diamondback is a better ride, but I cannot be objective about The Beast. Too much emotion and nostalgia.

I don't even consider it my favorite coaster, but if I could only take one more ride on a coaster in my life, it might be my choice.

At night.

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...and in the back seat. Or is that too shaky?

It is not that shaky. The helix finale on Shivering Timbers is shakier than the one on the Beast.

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Someone call the media. Tyler just turned a completely unrelated topic towards MiA.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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You're such a wise old owl, Andy.


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I was actually referring to Diamondback as shaky, per things I've heard.

DBack is a bit shaky. It's not that bad.

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Not only is Andy a mature owl, he has now become a meme.

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Oh God. A really bad image popped in my head. Behold...Nyan Cat: The Ride. A menagerie of rainbow thrills.

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