Be a CoasterBuzz Club member-for-a-day on Sunday

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

If you haven't yet taken the plunge to be a CoasterBuzz Club member, this Sunday is your chance to experience as if you are! Sunday you can be a "member-for-a-day," and check out CoasterBuzz with the following added features:

  • No advertisements. See how much faster the pages load without ads.
  • Track record. Build a list of the coasters you've been on, shown in your user profile. (Data will not be saved.)
  • Alternate color schemes. Give the entire site a new look!
  • Rearrange the components of the home page. Add or remove the sections you want, in either column.
  • Build a list of sites for the home page. Make YOUR home page by setting up links to any site on the Web.

Details and screen shots of these features can be found here.

If you like what you see, you can join the club for just $20 a year. As an official member, you'll also get a membership card in the mail, access to CoasterBuzz Games uploads and entry to certain events. More club information and the sign-up is available here.

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Just not having the pop-up ads is worth the cost alone...I view the other features as a bonus ;)
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I joined because of the personalization. I just can't view this site in any other scheme other than classic green. The rest is just a healthy bonus. The events are a very nice plus as well. I had a great time at SFGAm this year, even though the weather didn't work out too well.
Best site there is period.
Moosh said...

"Just not having the pop-up ass is worth the cost alone...I view the other features as a bonus "

Well, there ya go! :)

-jim (who'll be going there soon...) Uh, membership wise I mean

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I want to thank Jeff for setting this up. I'm glad I've got to try being a member for free so I think I just might join!


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