So now that I have been informed that BCMR is not going to CP, why have they not moved it to another park? I felt this was a very fun and unique ride that any park would love. Very family friendly and would be a good addition to a kid area of a park, right?
Good question. Personally, I would like to see it at Memphis Kiddie Park.

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Thats a excellent ride IMHO and it's not cheap either. It would be relativly easy to relocate.

Beats me but HW could have ten times the kiddy coaster for the cost of what they got at his auction. I think the Zierers are like 4 mill. Correct me if Im wrong.

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Just for the record - it's the Beaver Land Mine Ride, not the Beaver Creek Mine Ride. :)

I live in Beavercreek. We don't have a mine ride here that I know of.

The GL coaster is in Beaver Land. I have no choice but to assume it's a fictional place.

Although if you search Beavercreek Mine Ride, my site is the first result - I suspect Google knows way too much.

Interestingly, there appears to be a Beaver Creek the Ride ride at Pleasure Beach. The description reads:

"Climb onboard a log and set off on your relaxed watery journey through Beaver Creek but be warned this ride finishes with a spectacular splash down finale!"

I'm pretty sure I'm not an animatronic figure found among the ride's theme. ;)

But yeah - Beaver Land Mine Ride. :)

Have you been drinking this afternoon Gonch? :)


Nah, that's just Gonch thinking out loud...scary, huh!?

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Yes and yes.

That's what my drunken stream of consciousness looks like. ;)

Very impressive. :)


So, I hear this is the thread to go to if you have a good beaver joke? ;)

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My husband works at Eaton - Beaver. That's right, say it fast, Eaton Beaver, and that's no joke. Funny, but no joke.
And you're not the least bit worried or jealous? ;)
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*staying well clear of this portion of the discussion, I have a reputation to protect....

...or something. ;)

Beyond absurd IMO to get rid of a ride that could SO easily serve another park in the chain. I sure can't find prices for Zierer rides thru RCDB, so I can't comment on Chuck's dollar figures. Sure SEEM high, but then again looking at the kiddies installed at the SeaWorlds, they sure didn't spare any expense. Mag-brakes on a single-train kiddie coaster? Seems like overkill to me....

The Zierers I *really* like - Knott's and MoA's. Love those things, even if they're more train ride than thrill ride.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)


These are some of the other roller coasters. They took the pictures off now:


CoasterDaddy said:
I felt this was a very fun and unique ride that any park would love.

There's actually nothing unique about BLMR as there are currently 26 operating versions, including four Six Flags parks--SFGadv., SFMexico, SFNE, and SFDK. And of course BLMR was built in the fist year of Six Flags Ohio. Santa's Village in New Hampshire also has one called Rudy's Rapid Transit.

The majority of them though are over in Europe and the ride design goes back quite a ways.

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