Battlestar Galactica roller coaster dismantled, analyzed at Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studios Singapore has kept mum about the nature of the glitch with the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, but in its latest statement to MediaCorp, the company said the ride is in the process of a complete inspection. The ride has been dismantled and components analyzed, including an X-ray of its parts.

Read more from Channel News Asia.

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Hmm... That's quite interesting. I wonder what happened.

Wow, must have been something serious for some components to be dismantled.
Since they mention X-rays my guess is something with structural integrity.

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Or something like axle failure or something. That's the first thing that came to my mind.

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The word on the street is that part of one of the seats broke off the train in a morning test run.

I don't know why Universal has abandoned B&M. They never should have used Maurer Söhne as a supplier in Orlando for Rockit and they shouldn't have gone with Vekoma to build this one.

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I wouldn't consider this "Universal," given the completely different ownership arrangements. As for the Orlando ride, I think it came down to cost, and word on the street is that they got what they paid for in terms of service.

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Richard Bannister said:
The word on the street is that part of one of the seats broke off the train in a morning test run.

Reminiscent of the Cliffhanger at GTiTS?

Perhaps, though losing part of the seat on an inverted coaster is considerably more serious than losing part of it on a sit down!

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I heard the reason why Orlando went with Rockit was because B&M couldn't meet their time table for a new coaster. Ironically Rockit ended up opening later than what B&M proposed, due to all of the delays it had.

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Another potential issue with the Florida coaster is that by going with Maurer, they got something *different*. That ride doesn't resemble anything else in their resort, and if they'd gone with B&M it would have been a variation on something they've already got three of on that property alone.

Hey, it's obviously not perfect, and it has the second stupidest name of any ride at the resort. But I actually liked the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. The problems with that ride, I am certain are not insurmountable, and ultimately I think it will be a good solid performer.

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LOL @ rollergator! I never though about the abbreviation for Ghost Town... thanks for a great laugh at the end of a long day!

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

I was deeply deeply underwhelmed by Rockit, and the capacity was pretty dire for Orlando as well.

^Even the POV's of Rockit look boring. Every block trims a bit of speed off an already slow ride that should have had a 6-10 ft. taller lift hill. If the moving floor and six trains would work correctly the efficiency wouldn't be so bad.

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^Boring? Have you seen any B&M ride POV's?

But seriously, I think the 'glitches' will get worked out. Any new type of ride is gonna have problems.


What amazes me about Rocket is that it's taken them almost a year just to get to 80% capacity, considering that this ride has introduced nothing new in the area of ride technology.

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Since when is any POV interesting at all?

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Jeff said:
Since when is any POV interesting at all?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

I hate people. But I love gatherings. Isn't it ironic?

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Jeff said:
Since when is any POV interesting at all?

Since never.

Jeff said:
Since when is any POV interesting at all?

I reckon this one is, but it's the exception to the rule:

The coaster is actually pretty awesome too.

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