Bart Kinzel sets out to cut down all of the trees at Famous Dave's

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People gotta eat (Rolls eyes)

Looks like Bart 'Nepotism' Kinzel (who hasn't been the park president at Carowinds for some time now, thankfully) is in the Famous Dave's Franchise business.

Bart Kinzel to open Famous Dave's near Carowinds

I'm sure it will do very well along with Moe's, and honestly there needs to be several more sit down restaurants outside of Carowinds.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I know for many years Cedar fair has been wanting to have Famous Dave's at other parks, after the success of CP's.

In the past, FD has been pretty strict when it comes to the franchise locations. They have no problem with closing stores if they are not performing to their standards. A few of their NJ stores were originally franchise and then taken over by corporate. CP almost lost theirs the first time Steve Hoover left. After he left the first time, everything started to go downhill and the park begged him to come back, which he did. To back that up, I later learned from a Dave's corporate member that Steve was the reason CP's was still open. Only thing I don't know is if they threatened to take it over or close it down completely.

The last time Steve left, they promoted Ruthie to GM. She had worked with Steve for long time and knows how to manage it. I didn't make it to park this year. But last year she was still doing great!

I am hoping they can open more at the other parks, as I love some great bbq with my coasters!

Famous Dave's company has been in a rebuilding stage, as the previous CEO Ed Rensi (who came from McDonalds), was making many changes that were not good for the company. I think that was the final straw for Dave Anderson to leave the company. The newest CEO was promoted from within. Mike Lister was part owner of the Tennessee franchise, which is still one of the top franchises of the entire chain.

Famous Dave is now back with the company. So, I am remaining hopeful for them, as I love visiting there locations. Just wish the original location hadn't burned down a couple of years ago.

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