Bankers hope sale of Wild West World land will put the fiasco behind them

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Local banks that wrote millions of dollars in now-delinquent loans to Wild West World have pinned their hopes on the sale of the land and buildings at the bankrupt theme park as key to getting paid. J.P. Weigand & Sons Inc. is listing the property for $8.5 million, shopping it to amusement park interests around the country. The ground includes more than 70 acres and about a dozen buildings totaling 100,000 square feet.

Read more from Milwaukee Business Journal.

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Good luck...
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Have all the rides been removed from Wild West World?
Not yet. This past week they were removing the Mouse ride on the northern side of the property. I think I remember seeing a log flume and a few more rides still up.
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I guess i should have rephrased my question, meaning, are all the rides "sold and awaiting removal"?

I wouldn't think much of the Flume would go anywhere as it has concrete trenches.

The banks have nobody to blame but themselves.

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