Ballpark and theme park workers have mixed feelings about returning to work

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After more than a year of being shut out, cashiers, food vendors, guest greeters and other workers are making their way back to America’s most beloved baseball stadiums, amusement parks and concert venues — but the great return is being met with changes and conflicting feelings of anxiety and excitement as tens of thousands of fans and visitors also make their way back.

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I will be the first to admit (and did so in the other thread) that even having been fully vaccinated for over a month, it’s still really weird and disconcerting to be in large crowds. We’ll be flying with our unvaccinated kids in June and it will probably be full of heebie-jeebies.

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Sit together. (pay extra if you need to) Try to get towards the front of the plane or at least a bulkhead seat depending on what type of plane. ( Double mask if you can tolerate it.

But really, I hear very little about Covid cases from flying, and I work in the industry.

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The airport is higher risk than the plane. There have been some good models about air flow in planes published lately.

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