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Sorry ahead of time for the long length.

Having accepted a job offer on Wednesday, I decided to head up to Holiwood Nights for the weekend. Unfortunately, I did not register in time, and was informed by Paula that I would need to register on site. Unfortunately that meant having to pay the Procrastination Tax.

I swung by Kings Island on the drive down, and took a spin on the Beast after eating at Waffle House. Supposedly my pass didn't scan again at the toll booths, but they let me in anyway. I sat in a wheel seat, so that ride on the Beast wasn't that great.

Anyway, I arrived at Holiday World that evening, and payed the tax in coins. (Luckily for the park it was all $1 coins!) The Voyage was as wonderful as I had remembered, and the trip was off to a great start. After the ERT, Myself, Rideman, and another Dave went off to the Denny's in or near Dale. The food and service weren't that great, but I did get to see some of Dave's (Rideman's) presentations while we were there.

Saturday was fun as well, and the walkback on Voyage was simply cool. It was nice to see the ride "behind the scenes," and that hill on top of which the midcourse is located is a nice little climb. The walback let me see for myself just how great a job the park and the Gravity Group did with working with the terrain.

ERT that night was simply amazing. I took so many rides on the Voyage that I almost threw up! I barely made it back to my hotel, but I was able to beat the nausea, and I would definitely do it again. Nausea or no nausea, it was a night to remember! So much so that I bought a ticket for the next day before leaving.

The next day I spent a good chunk of time at the water park. I unfortunately didn't listen to Paula like I should have, as I did not take enough advantage of the sunscreen, and got sunburned in spots that I probably missed, mainly the area around my shoulders. Only bad thing about the water park is the lack of heated water, but I still had a great time, and it was very relaxing. I finished off my trip Holiday World visit with a final spin on Voyage, in the front seat on the last train of the day. Nowhere near as good as the ERT the night before. I guess Voyage is like Magnum, in that front isn't that great of a seat. Or maybe I just got spoiled by the night rides. I'll need to investigate on a future visit.

Holiday World Highlights:

Voyage Walkback, Voyage ERT, Guest Service, Friendly Staff, Friendly Staff, Friendly Staff!

Holiday World Lowlights:

Food: Unfortunately, the turkey I had at the Plymouth Rock Cafe was not very good. Luckily the price was low. Also, the meal for Holiwood Nights guests did not seem that good to me. HOWEVER, the Mini Melts were good. Also, the meal I had the next day wasn't bad.

The Title of this Post/Thread:

While at the waterpark, I went for a burger at one of the stands, and when I ordered corn, they were either out or didn't have any ready, so they asked if I wanted to sub a baked potato. I agreed, and guess who I saw in the back with the baked potatoes? None other than Mrs. Koch herself! It looked like she was back there applying the finishing touches, and I just think it is great to see an owner back with the front line staff. Does Mr. Kinzel ever get behind the counter of a food stand up at Cedar Point?

On my way home Monday I stopped at KI. For some reason I don't care too much for that park nowadays, but I guess I still had fun. Unfortunately, while in line for the Crypt (which I didn't end up riding), I opened up my big mouth when I saw what looked like a "Guest of Exceptional Size" smoking INDOORS. Bad idea, as he gave me an attitude. Because I didn't want my big mouth to get me into any trouble, I called CP to get KI's number, than called KI to let them know what happened, and left the line once I was able to get to an employee who could escort me out without having to go past the individual who appeared to be smoking. Security (and/or Police) was very nice to me, and they didn't seem mad at me for what I did. I should have not confronted the smoker, and am glad that I was able to avoid any further confrontation.


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Was good to meet you last weekend Sam.

You gotta start off with a few raven rides then a couple dozen Legend rides to get loosened up for Voyage on Saturday night.

It was a blast.
Chuck, who had no food issues :)

Hopefully the food was an isolated issue for me on Saturday. I think one of the leads or supervisors in the cafe later on had agreed with me about the turkey.

The one great thing about Holiday World is you can't top the staff. While I wasn't impressed with the food quality at the pavilion (I arrived late, and they probably rushed the replacement burgers after they ran out), the staff went out of their way to check to see if the hot dogs were all beef!

I'll have to try the chicken next time instead of the turkey.

The only ride operations thing I didn't like was on Liberty Launch when the ride was sent with an empty seat, and there were plenty of people in the Single Ride Line to fill it. I think what happened was there was a group of two in the wrong line, and the ride-op was being too nice (if there is such a thing) to that group by allowing them to stay together and wait a turn. In my opinion she should have either split them up or let me (or if there was someone else before me, as I am not sure now) go ahead of them. I think she may have been afraid to do that though.

But when I have to nitpick to find a negative, that means the park is doing more than an excellent job. Those kids are motivated, and are empowered to treat you like royalty!


Holiday World is AMAZING and I can't wait to come back. I think the main reason I don't care for Kings Island so much is that it has become a stop on the way to and from Holiday World (except KI Opening Day), and once you have been to the best, the rest just doesn't seem as good. I still have fun at KI, but I guess I am just spoiled.


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