Bad day at Six Flags Ohio

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Wednesday, June 7, 2000 2:38 PM
On Tuesday June 6th, my family and I went to SFO and were amazed at how badly run and unorganized theme park it is. We usually go to Cedar Point, but figured we would give SFO a try, big mistake. First, when purchasing tickets we found that their price was different than that of the web site. Also we found that you could not take coolers in and the picnic area was outside of the park. While in the park, we noticed about one third of the rides were not operating. So I went to the general information desk and was told that they were currently "understaffed". Also, when we inquired with some of the employees regarding general questions, no one seemed to know anything. We have never been to a park where the rides were not continually running all day long. We thought that was strange. We really liked the children's area but there again, not everything was open. How can that be when you charge full price and it is peak season? Maybe someone from Six Flags needs to send someone to Cedar Point to see how a real theme park is run.

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