Back to the Future part of the past

Monday, July 24, 2006 5:38 PM
Well, it looks like Back to the Future is closing in September. Kind of a classic, but I've never been a big simulator fan, so I don't mind much.

Apparently a new Simpson's ride will take its place (meh).

There's more here:

Monday, July 24, 2006 5:47 PM
yeah - back to the future is now over 20 years old.
it's amazing how time goes by.
the kids of today will probably not even remember it
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:19 PM
Its sadd that it is closing, but it had a good run. It does need to be replaced ala kong, but the simpsons? I could think of a much better replacement than that.
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:27 PM
Honestly, I'm thrilled. While I loved the movie, cars, etc in BTTF, I didn't know you could get beat up while riding a simulator until I rode that thing...OUCH!

As a Simpsons fan, I'm even more thrilled :)

Monday, July 24, 2006 6:28 PM
That's a shame, I think the BTTF trilogy is classic, but like many say it is out-dated and had a good run, just with I could have rode it lol. Also a shame they are replacing it with something else thats out-dated. Not a fan of the simpsons and most I know say it's getting old/ tired by now. A major simpsons ride/ attraction seems like it would have fit more into the 90s. I guess with the movie coming out it might seem appropriate, but I think they could do much better. *** Edited 7/24/2006 10:31:50 PM UTC by P18***
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:31 PM
Think this meant to coincide with the Simpsons movie at all? When is the replacement Simpsons ride supposed to open?
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:31 PM
Who cares. That ride is like getting into an elevator full of heavyweight boxers intent on kicking each other's asses. No loss there.
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:34 PM
Lord Gonchar, I believe they're aiming for the ride and movie to open with each other. Similar to what Disney just did with the Pirates.
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:40 PM
Oh, I see. Sorry for the simple questions, I really had heard nothing about it until this post. (and I call myself a fan :) )

Here's how sick I am. We're currently looking at next year for a big Orlando vacation and I'd seriously consider pushing it back to late summer (as opposed to early summer) to catch this ride.

Monday, July 24, 2006 6:40 PM
There making a simpsons movie? Goes to show you how much I know.
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:43 PM
Gonchar: That much of a Simpsons fan? :) That's hardcore.
Monday, July 24, 2006 6:54 PM
The ride in Hollywood isn't nearly as rough as it's Florida counterpart, but it feels so dated.

I wonder if it's a goner as well?

Monday, July 24, 2006 7:05 PM

Peabody said:
Gonchar: That much of a Simpsons fan? That's hardcore.

Heh, right?

Definite Simpsons fan, definite fan of rides/parks. The idea of missing something that fits my interests on so many levels by a mere month or so is potentially heartbreaking - especially knowing this will be the last trip to Orlando for many years.

I fully plan on keeping an ear open for confirmation and a timeline on this whole thing and if BTTF truly gets replaces by a Simpsons attraction and the whole thing has a time frame mirroring the movie release (July 27, 2007) then as it comes time to nail down the specifics of the trip over the winter, I will certainly look into a late July trip as opposed to a mid-June one.

Yeah, I suppose that is hardcore. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006 7:08 PM
One of the few rides I've ever gotten off of and thought

"Wow. I hated that."

Never cared to ride it again - bring on the Simpsons.

Monday, July 24, 2006 7:43 PM
So I guess I was the only one who liked the ride?
Monday, July 24, 2006 7:47 PM
I think the ride is outdated and was boring (although the movies were great) however I do agree that there could be something much better than the simpsons. Although there are stil many fans of it, it does seem like somehting that will soon be outdated. I don't think they are looking far enough down the road.
Monday, July 24, 2006 7:53 PM
Personally, I love just about everything about the BTTF universe... except riding BTTF:TR. I love that it exists and that it offers a little bit more story in the BTTF universe, but it's a horrible, awful, just plain bad ride.

I'm not shedding too many tears. Just a few.

Monday, July 24, 2006 10:09 PM
That ride is like getting into an elevator full of heavyweight boxers intent on kicking each other's asses.

I couldn't have described it better myself. I gotta agree...TAER IT DOWN! ;)

Monday, July 24, 2006 11:05 PM
^Is the one on Hollywood not fun anymore?

I haven't visited USH since 2000, but I enjoyed BTTF that time and on prior trips as well.

I thought it was a fine sim; the first time I rode it, I couldn't get enough. Just power-rode it till the park closed. Well, as much as one can "power ride" it, considering you have to go through the pre-show set-up.

Monday, July 24, 2006 11:09 PM
Well I guess it depends on your definition of "fun."

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