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I have heard that BTTF will be removed for a new ride soon. Does anyone know of a date when BTTF will close for good? I'm planning a trip in February to USF and I would like a chance to ride BTTF. Anyone know if I will be able to ride it in February? Thanks
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Nothing that I know of...BTTF still seems to generate decent lines....moreso than Jaws (aka "the attraction gator wants replaced")... ;)

FWIW....I've also had my eye on the Earthquake building...BackDraft at USH was *infinitely* more entertaining, IMO.

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After Back to The Future is replaced, I'm fairly certain that the next attraction will be at IOA. I don't know that for sure, but the rumblings I hear certainly lean that way.

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rollergator said:
I've also had my eye on the Earthquake building...BackDraft at USH was *infinitely* more entertaining, IMO.
If you meant to say Twister (or both, really), then I agree with you.

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^^ Safe to say, then, that BTTF is indeed *history*? Kinda surprising to me....I have no turnstile clicks or anything, but it sure LOOKS busier than Earthquake or Twister...

Jaws, I guess, will remain intact indefinitely, if only just to annoy me... :)

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^"old and stupid." :)

I really wish I could experience BTTF one last time before its dimise. I remember that being the coolest ride ever, back in '94 or so, whenever it was new.

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Acoustic Viscosity said:^"old and stupid."

You referring to ME, or to BTTF?

I guess it matters not in the long run, since it applies equally either way... :) :~P

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I guess I'm pretty much alone with my negative opinion of BTTF. I hated that thing when it was new and I hated it few years ago. Too jerky and uncomfortable for my tastes.
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You're not alone. I think it sucks. On my first visit in 1990, it wasn't yet open, and when I finally got to ride it a couple of years ago, that was enough for me. I've never been on a simulator that beat the crap out of you before.

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^^ Rob my post directly above yours...where I call BTTF "old and stupid"....

You and Jeff are right too though, it's also "jerky, uncomfortable, beats the crap out of you"...and ill-timed, screen vs. DeLorean, leaving you a little queasy upon exit...

Funny item: Last time I rode BTTF, I want to say about 12-18 months ago, the entire complex was *deserted*. The op offered us another ride with no wait....I took him up. Shoulda declined like I did with the "free bonus lap" on PKD's Shockwave....lesson learned, LOL. ;)

They are going to make the Back to the Future ride will become Simpsons: The Ride.

They will replace all the interior, ride vehicles, and movie to go with the Simpsons theme.

It will most likely open the same weekend as the Simpsons Movie that has bean schedules to release for July 27th, 2007!!!

I love the Simpson and have seen almost every single episode (400th episode comes out this season!:):)!:)!)

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Apparently one dome is already gone.
When we rode BTTF in June we could not get over how jerky the ride vehicle was and how poor quality they had let the ride film become. When I first rode it, it was soooo much better than it is currently. Oh well I would rather ride MIB anyway. :)
Jeff-Have you ever been on corkscrew hill at BGE? That is probably the worst simulator/4d experience ever, it hurt like hell. BTTF was pretty bad though.
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I will miss it too. I first rode it when it was brand new in Florida in '94. I didn't see it again until I rode the one in Holywood in 2005. It didn't nearly have the same excitement that it used to, but it was still a fun ride.


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I only rode BTTF once - in 2002. Cool enough, nothing special.

But if the rumors are true and this becomes a Simpsons ride - see you later, McFly!

Here are a couple of article on the subject they say it was to close down on oct 1st.

Also if its a Simpsons ride I bet they will have to pay through the roof to get the rights to them since they are owned by Fox and Universal is owned by NBC.

article one

article two

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I can assure you BTTF was running on the week prior to Halloween....and it was doing pretty brisk business, too....

SR lines meant that MIB& Mummy were I passed on Michael J Fox and Christoper Lloyd for Will Smith and Brendan Fraser... ;)

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^I would too. Brendar Fraser is much hotter. ;)

Oh, the ride! Sorry. Yeah, I would pass it up for the Mummy as well. :)


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