Awsome day at SFStL (June 3rd)

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We arrived at the park around noon and headed for Batman thinking there would be a line, but there was NO line and I loved it. After riding Batman we headed to the Joker (swinging boat) and hopped on it with no wait, so we rode it twice because the employee let us stay on. After leaving the Joker we headed to Nija which was a walk on too! it was a good ride, but bumpy. After the Nija we headed to the River King Mine Train to find there was also NO wait so we hopped on and rode twice without getting off.
After riding the mine train we grapped a bit to eat and mad are way to the bumper cars and had to wait only 5 min to ride, but it was worth it. After getting off the bumper cars we rode the rush street flyer which is always a good and exciting ride. After we rode the rush street flyer my freind played a basketball game and won who was very excited. After winning a ball we rode the swings which is a nice relaxing ride.
After riding the swings we headed for the train station and rode the train to the next station and got off to go ride the Boss which had NO wait.This is always a fun ride, but very bumpy it also seemed a lot faster than usual. After getting off the Boss we headed for the Scream'n Eagle which also had NO wait which was very nice, it was a good ride is a lot smoother in the las half after re-tracking the last portion and the fast stop is always fun at the end.
After getting off the Scream'n Eagle we headed to Mr. Freeze. After walking all the way to the station we found out that it was broke. There were about 4 or 5 mechanics in the control room looking at a computer, so we left the line and headed for Huricane Harbor.
Huricane Harbor was pretty crowded and all the slides had pretty good sized lines so we stayed around the wave pool and lazy river. After 45min at HH we headed home around 4:30
This has got to be one one of the best days at this park in a long time. IT was a pretty good day at the park, but MANY of the employees seemed like they did not want to be there and were not very freindly at all. All in All the day at the park was great since we rode all of these ride in a short amount of time (4 hours).
Sounds like fun, I only have rode Batman once, but the one time I did it was in the front at SFGam, which I thought was really cool, does it have the same effect at the other six flags?

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Yes thery are pretty much exacty alike, but i beleive the one at SFGam dives to the left while the one at SFStL dives to the right.

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