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hola ppl, i couldnt help but put this up. everytime my friends and i go we always have a blast at BGW. i wanted to hear what other ppl's thoughts were on the park, if you guys liked it or didnt.

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I've never been there. And also, just for future reference, you don't need to type in bold.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

I loved it and wish to go back some day. We got in free with the Operation Saulte promotion. Which was great of them. to make things better it drizzled for an hour so the park was virtually empty. I ended up getting 11 rides on AC and 10 on Alpie and at least 5 on the other coasters and rides. the longest my family waited was 10 minutes on our pizza we ordered. Overall it's a beatiful park with top notch staff and friendly ride ops.

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I've been there the past two summers, and have loved it both times. People who have read my posts know how much I love Apollo's Chariot, and BBW, Alpie, and LNM are good coasters too. Their water rides are good, esp. as hot as it's been both times we were there. DarKastle was alright...but sort've disappointing. It was actually so rapid fire it was annoying! (I'll take Spidey @ IOA any day!).

Now, I'll probably get some comments about this, but here goes. The park is really a landscaping marvel to me...beautiful. And the shows, I love them! Festhaus, Pet Schananigans, the Wolves, and my two favorites were Celtic Thunder & Imaginique.

I got more coaster riding in the first year, but I rode more of a variety this year. Plus, Water Country USA is one of the better waterparks I've been to ever. We won't be going back again next year though. Probably looking at Hershey, I need more new coasters to ride!

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