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One of my UK friends sent me this video link from Alton Towers. I think its awesome. It would be cool to see what the same firm could do with a park in the US. But, they do a great job of showcasing what is Alton Towers. It definitely makes me want to go back!

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Very nicely edited video. It would be nice for US parks to have something like this, but I assume that it costs a ton of money for all the equipment to get all of those great shots. :(


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The best part of the whole thing is on the wide shot of AIR and they have AIR pause mid-flip and a flat ride (don't know the park well enough) in the background continues to spin.

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That's actually Nemesis (B&M Invert) that they pause and Ripsaw (HUSS Top Spin) in the background still flipping around.

I can only imagine what kind of video that firm could do with Cedar Point. :)

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^ So you are right. I was actually thinking Nemesis as I came back over here to type the reply, but that fact that I didn't know the Top Spin's name threw me off.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
That shot is pretty sick. I hope to see more videos like this in the future. Great find.
That was pretty cool. A bit too much action going on at once for my taste, but the music kept things interesting along with the variety of footage.

Well done advertising firm!


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