Australian fairground rides may close due to lack of insurance

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Austrailian fairs may not have rides because the people who inspect them can't get insurance. The inspectors must carry $10 million AUS in professional indemnity insurance to inspect the rides. Because of that cost, few inspectors are willing to do the job.

Read more from the Sydney Morning Herald.

I wonder how long it will occur before the Insurance rates in the US start to affect rides (either parks or travelling) to the point of seeing some places shut down (or go out of business in the case of travelling shows)?

Face it, call ourselves what we want, but to the parks we are all "GP".

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Yeah, but the weird thing here is that it's not the insurance for the ride owners or operators... it's the people who inspect them. That's pretty odd!

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Well the insurance thing has hurt the amusement scene in a way.

An example would be the Cincinnati Zoo took out their Funland due to rising insurance costs, and overall I have seen fewer traveling shows around than when I was a kid.

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Australian Insurance Rates certainly aren't helping many industries here. It has gotten to a stage where it is just ridiculous.

Doctors in the state that I live in were refusing to work until the government introduced laws that limits neglegence law suits against them.

But really, nothing has been more effected than the tourism and entertainment industry here.

Unless they get the numbers that big tourism areas get, they simply can't afford the rates. We're seeing small family owned places closing down, such as skating rinks or campgrounds.

Even volunteer beach lifeguards are threatened by this.

All I can really say is, what a world we live in...

So what if the best coaster in Australia is a second hand Arrow?

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