Aug 8 Holiday World trip report. (they don't charge for condiments!)

I didn't go there last year, so this trip I was very excited. Drive from just north of Cincinnati to Holiday Worlds parking lot was two hour 45 mins, and 185.5 miles.
Got to the park just at 9am CST, Saturday heard it was very busy that day, also turn out to be very busy Sunday. Main parking lot was mostly fulled, along with the legend lot. when we got into the park and got a locker at the front, the room as I remembered it before had rows and rows of lockers, now they had just two. The first few hours the main park was really busy up on till the water park opened, we rode the Raven first then Legend, then Liberty launch, and the Voyage before heading to the water park. At this point it was around 1pm and the water park was packed! It was shoulder to shoulder in the wave pool, and most of If not all the slides had lines. We got into the Bahari wave pool and at first the water was a bit chilly but when you body got used to it you felt fine, the high temp was going to be 95 and it felt like that.

By mid day most of the water felt like bath water, really warm. We rode Pilgrims Plunge only a 30 min wait, the lift going up is really quick. It was a good ride, we sat in the back, seems like the front gets wet more. While at the water park we rode there new water coaster Wildebeest, I'm not joking the we waited and hour 30 mins, it felt like we were never going to get to the load station, the ride it self was amazing nice and long, with open air section and dark tunnels. I read the max weight was 800 pounds, I saw a raft go up the lift and it looked like it over that limit lol. By that time my legs and feet were getting sore, we headed back to the wave pool. Oh and this wave pool the Bahari wave pool makes wave's, not like most others that make ripples. I'm 6'1" and at the 5 1/2' mark with the waves coming I have to jump for my head to clear the top of them.

One of the big thing's I saw was as we were getting waffle cones, I go over to get napkins and there's six or eight large square containers full of condiments, from BBQ to Sweet Honey, while Kings Island charges 50 cents for them, HW is giving them away, and they are giving away bottle water at $1.59, Kings Island and others $3.00. You also get a free cookie with a combo meal. And as everyone knows free parking, free entree to the water park, free soft drinks(Pepsi), free sunscreen( only in the water park I've seen) And just about everyone smokes in the areas there supposed to. Before we left the water park we got on Bakuli, Bahari River, and Jungle Racer.

After the water parked closed we head over to Liberty launch, it has more air time than Power Tower. Then a last round of coasters, the Voyage was first. Don't know what to say that was just painful and rough! can't say any part of the ride was smooth. We left the park after riding the legend, way to rough and we were seating up towards the front. I really can't see how Voyage can stay at the top, with how rough it is. Today I still have a headache hang over.

Ride count,
Raven, I
Legend, II
Voyage, II
Liberty Launch, II
Turkey Whirl, I
Gobbler Getaway, I
WildeBeest, I
Jungle Racer, I
Bakuli, I
Bahari River, II

Thanks for ready.

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