Attorney says Freestyle Music theme park will not open this summer

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An attorney representing Freestyle Amusement Park on the South Carolina coast said Monday the operators of the park have no current plans to reopen this summer. The financially troubled park in Myrtle Beach was to have reopened earlier this month. Last month, Freestyle closed its business offices and laid off about 30 workers.

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Well who didn't see that coming a mile away?

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Theming is everything to me, but I think the biggest reason people didn't care about this park was the selection of ho hum rides. The rides at HRP just didn't get me very excited at all, with exception of Knights in White Satin: The Trip.

Who opens a theme park near the ocean without any water rides, for example?

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^Excellent point, LK.

Slippery When Wet, er, whatever the stupid new name of it was (obviously forgettable)....was pretty wet. Have to admit, though, we noted the total lack of a rapids ride, flume, Shoot-the-Chutes, anything? What gives?

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You guys are really wondering why they didn't build a water ride near the second biggest body of water on this planet?

Why does that make me chuckle? :)

Then again, this kind of thing has always been funny to me. I suppose there's some profound statement or art of some kind happening there.

Agreed Gonch, but it's not like it's already been done @ other spots in Myrtle Beach.

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I know. And I even get it to a degree.

But on paper, it's absurd.

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My sister (and I am sure many others) will swim all day in a clorinated filtered pool, but won't step a foot in a lake or ocean. Sad, but true.

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Bummer :(

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

For Sale: 1 amusement park. Two owners, light wear. Includes 4 coasters, asst'd ride & 25 bathrooms. Ocean views.

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Such a surprise.

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^5 coasters :).

MB is in a downward spiral. The current politicians in office have done every thing they can to turn away bikers, and now they're after the spring break/senior week crowds.

Who in the world's money do they want?

That's a large part of the problem with this park. People simply aren't coming to the area. I was there this past weekend, and it's spring break season, mind you (which lasts for quite a few weeks) and many of the normal spring break spots were absolutely dead.

There was another interested party after Hard Rock that was from the area and had interesting ideas about the park like not charging admission, but having PPR and a POP bracelet as well as emphasizing shopping and entertainment. I think that guy (who just opened the OD Pavilion, IIRC) would have done at least a little better.

Last may during one of the bike weeks AV Matt and I were talking to a guy at the Nightmare Haunted House, and he was talking about how the politicians are doing every thing they can to keep the people who spend money away. Downtown Myrtle is a ghost town (and was as such Memorial Day weekend 2009 for the most part), there's the big hole where the Pavilion once was that hasn't been redeveloped, there's a gigantic hole where the MB Square Mall once sat that goes undeveloped, and there's about to be another big hole out on 501.

Sad. And it isn't all because the economy, either.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Fun said:
Well who didn't see that coming a mile away?

The same people who were shocked by Ricky Martin's announcement yesterday, I'd guess.

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Who's Ricky Martin? ;)

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I always wondered why they didn't go after the Zippin Pippin. Seems a logical ride for a park themed after music...

Jason Hammond said:
My sister (and I am sure many others) will swim all day in a clorinated filtered pool, but won't step a foot in a lake or ocean. Sad, but true.

That state of our oceans is disgusting. Even the most pristine-looking, azure blue sea is a virtual toxic dump.

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What I was getting at Gonch, is that people go to the beach for a water attraction; the beach. While they are there, they may partake in other water attractions, such as a waterpark or splash games. Some people wouldn't mind getting wet every single day of their water-filled vacation. It makes perfect sense to me.

But the photo that you linked to is still amusing, nonetheless.

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Yeah, but nothing about HRP seemed to scream 'day at the beach' to me. Nor do I think it should have. There's a million 'days at the beach' to be had there - and most probably do it better than one water ride would have.

Also, oddly enough, if you were in MB, you actually had to leave the beachy area to get to HRP.

Off all the items I could put on a list of things that were potentially handled wrong in the two seasons that park tried to exist - water attractions wouldn't even be a blip on the radar.

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Not once when I was there did it cross my mind that there were no water rides. And I was kind of irritated at how drenched we got on Soak'd, since we weren't wearing swimsuits.

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