Atom Smasher?

Does anyone know if there are any pov's of the Atom Smasher roller coaster?
Find a copy of the old "This is Cinerama" roller coaster segment and you'll have an Atom Smasher POV I believe.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
There is excellent footage of the Atom Smasher (as well as many other defunct coasters) on Ricky Summersett's (not sure I got the spelling correct) "Gone But Not Forgotten". It was originally released on VHS five or six years ago but I believe a DVD version was released after that. Not sure where to find that... a Google or Yahoo search might lead you to a copy or to Ricky if he has a website. It's money well-spent.
I did a google search, and from the looks of the layout it looked like a fun ride. Anyone here ride it?

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