AstroWorld auction to begin Friday

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Everything from ride height signs to used microwaves from Six Flags AstroWorld will go up on the auction block starting Friday. In addition, several of the park's rides will also be available, including the shuttle loop Greezed Lightnin'.

Read more from The Houston Chronicle.

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I'll take a sky whirl car please.
Why is GL up for auction and not being moved to another park? Surely there must be at least one SF park that could benefit from having the ride. Ditto with Mayan Mindbender and even some of the scenery items. Seems like pretty limited thinking from the new management.
The company made a lot of odd decisions regarding the rides- save Ultra Twister but ditch two Schwarzkopfs, a standup and an indoor steel coaster? I won't even comment on the carousel...
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I think they're beyond "odd" decisions, I think they're downright stupid....considering they're going to get pennies on the dollar, just move them to other parks as "New for '06" attractions.
I agree with you rollergator. Alot of these could have resurfaced next year at some of the SF parks or even the non-branded parks as new for '06 attractions and done very well. It is an odd decision by a company that is looking to turn things around. They have new attractions for most, if not all, of their parks sitting at SFAW, and all they would have to pay for is de-construction, shipping, and new construction. It just seems silly to just let them go like that. Most of the rides aren't worth much on the open market anyways.
^Especially when they could be moved to parks relatively close (SFFT). Makes me believe the rumors that Six Flags plans on having only one park in Texas.

Was this decision made by the new management, or is the anger in the fact that they are doing nothing to change the decision?

The auction wheels began before the new management, but they are following through on it. Six Flags needs money, plain and simple. This much hasn't changed. That's the whole reason AW was torn down - to generate some quick cash. This is part of the process. Pictures and details at the link below.

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It's a very stupid decision to auction off some of the coasters.

Six Flags Darien Lake has not recieved a new coaster since 1999. Since that time, attendance has been declining on an average of 100,000 people per year. With a major marketing tool of a "new" coaster or two that has been relocated from Astroworld, would provide a phenominal boost in attendance because it would bring back local guests who have stopped attending the park as well as new guests who would stay another day or two at the hotel or campground.

Therefore, it would bring in much needed revenue to the park in both hotel/campground bookings as well as the additional guests spending the additional money on games, parking, up-charge rides, and food! Big Kahuna certainly isn't going to do that!

Bad, Six Flags, Bad...

The best thing that they could do to Darien Lake is to sell it to cedar Fair like the did with Worlds of Adventure. Or they just need to pick it up and move it closer to Buffalo. They really screwed up when they built it out in the middle of no where.
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Parks don't "receive" anything. People use that term all of the time, and it's not the right word. It's not like a gift or some act of goodwill. A park gets rides when they feel the expense is justified by some increase in revenue. Even relocating a ride costs money.
Auction categories and times are as follows:

Friday, January 6, 2006, 9:00 a.m. start

Items available:

Landscaping, merchandising and food service equipment

Saturday, January 7, 2006, 9:00 a.m. start

Items available:

Golf carts
Heavy equipment

Noon start

Amusement rides including Greezed Lightnin’, XLR-8, Viper, Mayan Mindbender, Looping Starship, Barnstormer, Dentzel Carousel, water slides, soft play children’s attraction, and steam and land locomotives. All rides will have a reserve bid.

Sunday, January 8, 2006, 11:00 a.m. start

Items available:

Memorabilia and collectables

The carousel and steam train are no longer for auction, not sure yet if this means they've been bought outright in advance or if Six Flags opted to save them.
"Amusement rides including Greezed Lightnin’, XLR-8, Viper, Mayan Mindbender, Looping Starship, Barnstormer, Dentzel Carousel, water slides, soft play children’s attraction, and steam and land locomotives. All rides will have a reserve bid. "

Awww I was gonna bid $1 on XLR-8 just to be funny...

NO idea what I would do if I had won though... heh... :)

"Um, honey? I uh... I think I just bought a roller coaster"

"You mean that model toy you've been wanting right?"

"Uh, no.. I think this one is full size actually... "


I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to move Viper somewhere. It's a relatively compact ride, easy on maintenance and a lot of fun. Also, the shuttle loop could fit in even easier someplace. These two decisions make no sense really. Both easily should have found a home at another Six Flag's park.

What about the Serpent? Where did that ride go? Anyone know? I always liked that little ride.

posted in another forum but this one seems to have more traffic.

from saturday 1-7-06
VIPER--$8000...did not meet reserve price
GREASED LIGHTNING $8000..did not meet reserve price.
XLR8--$7000..did not meet the reserve price.
MYAN MINDBENDER $9000...did not meet the reserve price.
Bidders who won the auction, but did not meet the reserve price still have the option to buy the ride for the reserve price. If they choose not to buy the ride, it will be sold privately.

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