Astroland rides sent to the auction block

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Nearly two dozen rides from the famed but doomed Astroland amusement park went on the block yesterday, with some rides listed at the bargain-basement price of $12,500.

But the historic 42-year-old Astrotower, which provides a stunning view of the area, should fetch seven figures, according to Nashville-based amusement ride broker Ital International, which is handling the sales.

Read more from The Daily News.

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The new "Amusement Today" has a whole page of listings with pictures.
Gulp. :(

Why am I getting a strange feeling this is going to end like MSAP, SFAW, and MBP?

I am hoping the pirates landing amusement park thats being worked on for Calverton notices this auction. Perfect way to get rides for cheap. HEck maybe astrolands owners can partner with them.

The new "Amusement Today" has a whole page of listings with pictures.

Do you have a link?

^^^ Probably because it is. Astroland will close and the property will sit vacant while a long, drawn-out fight between the developer and the city takes place. Mark my words- Coney will end up a lot worse before it gets better. Then again, that might be the point.

I read an article in yesterday's paper about how the owner is so upset. What an idiot. After all, he decided to sell the place- what did he expect? I just found that amusing.

Yeah, I thought of that. If you voluntarily sell your property like that, you don't have much room to be upset about it.

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