Asbury Park Casino and Palace

Sunday, March 30, 2003 5:03 AM
Yesterday I happened to be in the area of the old Asbury amusement area so I decided to take a look. I was lucky enough to get into both buildings. Casino was in really good shape in the front haf of the building where it used to be open 10 years ago, but I got an extra treat the back half of the building(over the pier) which was a roller rink and was closed 40 years while the other half was open, had a big enough opening in the wood wall the Casino built 50 years ago to keep people out of the closed rink. Inside was an amazing AWE there was steel mangled floor disapeared from the great amouts of dirt and only little parts of the celing were left. So as I walked in the middle I realized that 3 out of the 4 wall had statium seats on a second level, and to prove how long the back half has been closed there was decent size trees growing on the seating balcony. But danger was present and because it was such a windy day the celing started to fall, it was almost like spirts of the past telling me to leave this forever closed area, so I felt my invitation was worn out an left the Casino.

The Palace on the other hand scared the s*** out of me. The only way to get in the building is from the roof so I took a mag light and peeked into the hole I ws going into to get in it was at least a 15 foot drop from where I was so I was able to use a rope I had and climbed in. It was pitch black unlike the Casino which had lots of windows for light this building hade no windows and the musty smell was strong. I was almost at the floor when I realized it was gone the Palace had wood floors and being closed for 14 years they detorited away so I was walking on dirt the whole time. The place was 20 times worse the the back of the Casino, as I was walking trying to find my way around I stumbled across something big so I shined my light down and it was the giant that used to be on the top of the fun house, being shocked I fell back on my a** in to the dirt to find something better an original ticket marked 1920, because I was below where the floor was there was all sorts of older items which went under when they rebuilt the floor. Thinking that I might find more I checked around and found a small storage room with 3 boxes filled with souviners and prizes the problem was I could not get the boxes up being I had to leave via rope so I stuffed my pockets as much as possible and went to search some more when my light started to go dead so I hurried thinking I might get stuck if my light goes out. Its weird though because everytime I found a secret place it was almost like something was trying to get me out of there. But I will remember that day forever being I might not get the chance to go inside again.

Sunday, March 30, 2003 12:59 PM
Bad news the rest of the celing in the back of Casino colapsed today due to the rain and high winds today. The Palace also had some celing fall into. It is clear that there is no way of saving these buildings.

Sunday, March 30, 2003 1:23 PM
It's sad to see the current shape of the buildings. I drive by somewhat often because I live pretty close to Asbury Park. The entire town has a lot of potential and I think it's on its way to coming back.

Saving the Casino and the Palace (even the Carousel) would require a lot of work, but it would be worth it, 100%! With the location right on the ocean, these buildings have been through storms. Just the salt in the air has done a lot of damage to the paint. It would be nice if they could find a buyer for the buildings who would fix it up and re-open it. I'm not sure if the building is still for sale on Ebay. The asking price was 2.5 million for the Palace.

Some problems that potential buyers see is the current condition of Asbury Park. Right next to the Palace is a gay movie theater. Sure, there are a lot of drugs in the town, but I think it's definitely improving by looking at the new stores going in on Cookman Ave (the business district). If the current redevelopment plan goes through, the Palace is slated for demolition. On the site of the Palace, I believe there are plans for condominiums to be built. If you are interested, go to to help save Tillie (the face on the side of the Palace).

Driving east on Lake Ave. you can see how nice of a location this could be with Lake Wesley and Ocean Grove directly to the south, and then the Ocean to the East. You have the palace to your left, and the Carousel and the Casino directly in front of you. Hopefully one day when I get my license I will be able to drive down Lake Ave. and see these buildings restored to what they used to be and no condominiums.

Here are some pictures I took on 12/24/02

For some good footage inside the Casino, the movie "City by the Sea" (new release) is filmed partially in Asbury Park.

Sunday, March 30, 2003 1:58 PM
I don't need footage after being able to get in nothing can compare and I saw city by the sea and they did not film the back part of the Casino, the back was only opened recently by the locals breaking the boards blocking off the back area. But since you live close my secret to all Coasterbuzzers is on the main Carousel building, the circle part of the Casino (the front facing the street) the futher most door the the right has no glass on the bottom and the plywood easily comes back just slip in, and no broken glass so don't worry about that, the front is clean because of the movie but walk to the back where there is a sign with two people rollerskating on it and says Casino Skating Rink below the is a big hole where any body should be able to slip into and be careful because there is alot of rusty sharp pipes and wire then walk in to the light and be amazed by the silent AWE. My advice wear really strong shoes to protect your feet, and do not go into the middle of the rink because stuff is always falling from the ceiling try to stay under the seating balconys and enjoy.

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