Artist drawings of Dark Knight coaster.

here is some more pics and a video of the ride

First the video topic, and now this press release, has my hopes up for this ride.

^^^I am still convinced, by the good people at Six Flags that it was 150ft.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Based on the Daily Herald article, the indoor waiting line should hold under an hour worth of lines, depending on how many flash pass users there is.

WildStangAlex said:
Additionally, Great America does have another theater previously used, but is currently un operational. Perhaps they will make use of it now? *** Edited 2/18/2008 3:14:43 AM UTC by WildStangAlex***

It's a different type of theatre than the one they took down. It's not that big, it's outside, and you have the Southwest Theatre to take the place at that one. It's also hidden away in a dark secret corner. I say dump it, but what can you put in that area. So, they probably just leave it there because of those reasons.

I think Great America is making a dumb move. They like to have singers outside. That's not the horrible thing. The fact is that they have very limited capacity benches. So, there might only be 10 people watching those people outside. How is that helping anything? I can't believe Shapiro dumps a theatre, and than still has these people outside singing with 10 people watching them, and he thinks this is what should be done.

I think he's doing it this way so he doesn't have to pay lighting, ushers, and air-conditioning. There goes the cotton candy and peanut sales though. I'm not saying that he's not eliminating all the theatres, but he is eliminating one that I think shouldn't have been messed with. If he wanted to dump another entertainment venues, he could have dumped the Pictorium.

There is less potential of what to do with the Pictorium as it stands now. You can't have any type of show in there. You can only have 30-40 minute movies that fit on a big gigantic screen. Most of the movies are boring, and educational. There have been some fun ones, but most of them aren't exciting at all, and last only a year.

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Here[/url] is a good article for TDK in gradv with pics and stats.

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