Article in Yahoo news about 10 unusual, creative jobs

This article is in Yahoo news this morning about 10 unusual, creative jobs. This was one of them.

Roller coaster engineer
The experts behind a roller coaster's loops, drops, and turns bring several disciplines of engineering -- structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical -- to each design. Structural and civil engineers design the track structure, keeping in mind the client's budget as well as the proximity to other rides in the park. Mechanical engineers design the cars that run along the roller coaster's track. Their primary challenge is to maximize thrills, achieved by manipulating the g-force, without compromising safety. Electrical engineers then work to configure the system that operates the ride.

Aspiring roller coaster engineers should obtain at least a bachelor's degree in a related field of engineering. Although an internship or entry-level position at a firm specializing in roller coaster design offers ideal entry into the field, such positions are limited. Most roller coaster engineers begin their engineering careers in other fields and then switch to the amusement industry.

Once they've made it, roller coaster engineers command salaries from $45,000 to $80,000. Along with their paychecks, they enjoy another perk: being first in line to ride.

I always thought they made more than what the article says. *** Edited 1/26/2008 4:04:59 AM UTC by GeorgiaCoasterGuy***

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I think they make roller coaster designing out to be easier to get into than it actually is. That being said, for people who actually do design coasters,this has been a life long passion and not some sudden idea they had.
I always thought that in my next life I would come back as a mechanical engineer so that I could design coasters. Seeing what their salary is I think I will stick with my current chemical engineer salary. May not be as much fun as creating a coaster but it sure pays a lot more!
Its all about the love, baby....'cause its sure not about the money.

The honest truth it although it isn't easy to get a job in the industry, its also not impossible. But things like a lower salary and having to move to one of only a few possible loctions is really what tends to turn people off to it. Oh yeah, don't forget the occasional long hours and travelling at a moment's notice too. But its really the question, how much is having a job in an industry that you truly love worth to you?


Well said Brian.. well said... ;)

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I thought you in particular would appreciate that among a few others.


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