Article in The Patriot News on Hershey's Fahrenheit.

I am looking forward to ride it Saturday. How many others will be there?

You should submit this to news as it's a great article. I had no idea four different companies bid on the coaster. I love the one line about one company's submission didn't look fun.

I see that Sandor Kernacs was the first human to ride this like as with Maverick. Luckily, no elements were removed this time:)

Nice article.

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What was that one line... "In a park with very little available land, where everything new must replace something old,"...

And the (rumored) expansion of the (ill planned) Boardwalk and the removal of Canyon River Rapids proves that.

Since it is sitting in prime waterpark real estate, I some times wonder how many years the "relatively new" (in a 100 year old park) Lightning Racer may have left.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Great article, thanks for posting. So who were the four companies that bid on the project?
My guess:

Maurer Sohne: capacity too low
Gerstlauer: not fun enough
B&M: too expensive
Intamin: Just right

I actually rode it around 20 times on Wednesday the 21st. My son is an actor and was filming the commercials for it. I was allowed to be an extra and got to ride in every car! It was pretty good. First seat is best and smoothest. Some of the back seats seemed to vibrate a bit..although not uncomfortably. The seats/cars seem to be the same as on storm runner. The lift hill is bizarre and a bit unnerving the first time. The rest of the ride is very fast and the elements were interesting. I did have one unanswered question, though, I didnt understand how they prevent a rollback if the chain fails.

...location and theming...thats the ticket....not always height or speed...
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They dont prevent it. They have hired Cedar Fair's "media-crackdown" squad to cover up any news of a rollback and injuries resulting from such rollback.
There are two chains on the hill. Both could operate as a single chain, so if one fails the other one will back it up.


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