Article: Cedar Fair's shift in attraction philosophy

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Not exactly news worthy, but had some interesting notes regarding CF's planning focus.

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While I don't think they make the case very well for a "shift in direction" (the part about enhancing park's entrances to be more appealing to family's, and citing two thrill coasters as proof), I do generally agree that Planet Snoopy and Knott's addition last year were successfully geared towards that demographic.

I enjoyed the article.

With the hints they gave, I'm curious how they are going to do their new dark ride.

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Probably with a decoy announcement site.


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It's really fantastic to see how Rob Decker and his team are so much less constrained under the new leadership. It's not that they don't have budgets to work in, but they can be creative idea people, and they're empowered to do the right thing.

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