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What is up with Arrow Dynamics. Ever since they went bankrupt after the X issue they haven't made any new coasters/rides. Does anybody know if they still are making coasters since they have been bought out by S&S.

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When a company is bought out, they no longer exist. All questions pertaining to Arrow now should be about S&S.
Actually they did make another X type coaster for Japan. Their Supreme Swings and launch drop towers are a hit and S&S opened a park in UTAH to the public which has one unique ONE OF A KIND probably never to be duplicated ride.


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I would love to get out and ride Sonic Boom. But I can't imagine when I'll be in Utah next.

The 4-D coaster in Japan aparently is running much better than X. From what I hear, it's because of a smaller train design. Word is that these new trains will likely end up on X as well. At an off season event, Stan Checkets from S&S said he would love to build one on the East Coast.

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S&S finally updated their website after how many years and they do list the Arrowbatic and Mad Mouse among their coaster products.

I'd like to see what they could do with the old suspended coaster concept, which died much too soon to realize their full potential.

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I love the Mad Mouse and most of the mine trains. This is THE mine train to beat all mine trains (apologies to SDC and Bonfante and anyone else who has "the ultimate mine ride").

Arrow did some things VERY well. TN Tornado was just too late in the game, and X was just "too much to handle" at that time in the comapny's existence.

I tried VERY hard to get PKI to get an ArrowBatic....LOL! Unfortunately, I guess The Bat left too much of an aftertaste... ;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Why? the built Adventure Express, Vortex and the Congo Falls after The Bat.


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^Those three were all "proven commodities", Chuck...Arrow had already built several rides similar to AE, Vortex, and CF - they didn't involve anything *innovative*.

I guess there's some argument that Vortex had "all of those inversions", but it was more of an extended (albeit compact) version of earlier work.

ArrowBatic was more like the original Bat, in more than just name....untested products. I'd have *loved* for someone to build an A-B here in the States. PKI was just my "hobby park" in wanting one to be built *somewhere*. Hmmmm, given the name, maybe I should have picked on Anheuser-Busch... ;)

edit: so, I'm probably not the ONLY one that really *researches* rcdb. Oh, I am? Oh well. So....anyhow, I figured I'd check out Arrow's *product line*. The two items that came immediately to my attention were "Custom Looping Coaster" (where Vortex's *reach* does become more evident), and "Special Coaster Systems".

These *SCS* rides are, well, pretty special. All of 'em.

Wish I had gotten the Soap Box Racers at Knott's...and I need to get to BPPB - soon!

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Arrow Dynamics was the first company to use round track. Even if they had padding insted of wheels for under the track it was a good idea.

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I would love to see more suspended coasters, and I've always wanted to try an ArrowBatic.

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I can't see why S&S wouldn't expand their catalog to include more of the Arrow line of rides. I guess there could be no market for a custom looper or mine train seeing what has come out in the last few years. But they could market some of those rides to parks that can't afford the Intamins, B&M's, or Premier coasters.
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Arrow Multiloopers half price! Get yours now! Perfect for any 80's section of a park!
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Buy 2 get one free.

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Congo Falls is an INTAMIN.

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