Arnolds Park trustees consider dropping free admission

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The days of walking around the Arnolds Park Amusement Park for free may be about to end. A proposal under consideration by the board of trustees of Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated would change that. They're toying with the idea of charging two or three dollars for each person who wants to walk through the park.

Read more and see video from KTIV/Sioux City.

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I have been to the park and I personally think this is a bad idea for the park. I think it may drive some people away who would otherwise go.

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BAD idea. There will be many people turned away by this.They need to entice people to visit, not scare them off.

The odd thing is, I swear I remember having to pay a significant fee just to get in and ride the coaster once YEARS ago, but not in recent years.

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I didn't hurt Camden park any. Back when I was a youngster, they charged fifty cents admission and $7.50 for a ride bracelet. Now they charge everyone the same price of about $24. They have added no major new attractions in the last 20 years, and raised the price of admission substantially, and they are thriving.

It reminds me of Gonch's charge less people more money and profit scenario.

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LostKause said:
It reminds me of Gonch's charge less people more money and profit scenario.

Pareto Principle

Not to be confused with The Pleasure Principle. :)

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A Pareto Reference! Good stuff! If the "occupy" movement had any knowledge of Pareto, it could have saved them a lot of time, effort, and strife.

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When it comes to the Pleasure Principle, I'd rather LISTEN to Gary Numan. But I'd rather LOOK at Janet Jackson.

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I'll call her Miss Jackson, since I'm nasty.

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A nominal fee to enter any park would be fine as long as the Guest gets some sort of value from it. Even when Indiana Beach had their $2 fee, it was a negative because it didn't get you anything except the "right" to visit their property.

Sounds like AP is trying implement some "street" entertainers. This is GREAT, but I don't think the general public will see that as justification of an admission fee. I think it is MORE than acceptable for smaller parks to charge a fee, BUT they should include participation on traditional family attractions like the train or carousel or sky ride for the paid Guests to enjoy. Adding an "unlimited soft drink" stand will also create "perceived value".

Just my one and a half cents, gang!


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I'll call her Miss Jackson, since I'm nasty.

I actually got to call her "Miss Jackson" at the American Eagle during her "Rhythm Nation" tour. (Shameless Gloat) One of the NICEST celebs I have EVER met!

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It's a bad idea if the people they would be charging are already buying refreshments or souvenirs. It's not a bad idea if the people they would be charging just take up space, drop trash on the ground, complain, or clog up the toilets and don't spend a dime otherwise.

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Did someone mention Janet?

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(runs off to practice my dance moves in an old abandoned warehouse)

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