Arnolds Park renovates 1927 Legend roller coaster

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Another sign that summer is almost here, Arnolds Park Amusement Park is getting ready to open. When it finally comes, the 13th oldest roller coaster in the world will deliver a less "rickety" ride. Arnolds Park Amusement Park has invested $250,000 so far to replace part of the track on this nearly 90-year-old ride.

Read more and see video from KTIV/Sioux City.

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I have been on 478 different Roller Coasters in my lifetime. Arnold's Park Legend is one which is in my top ten list. I may not be the biggest, but she packs one H-E-(Double Hockey Sticks) of a WALLOP for a ride her size. Good things come in small packages. :)

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Whoa there! Is the language necessary? :-)

I get a little nervous when I hear the words 'renovation' and 'smoother' in the same sentence. I think when the project was announced they were talking re-profiling the first drop and eventually other sections as well. While I've never been to Arnold's I hope the efforts to remove roughness hasn't diminished some of the wallop.

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I've never been on AP Legend but I have been on another coaster that GCII did the reprofile on and that was Lesourdsvilles Screechin Eagle.

In 2002 the Eagle never flew better. Considering it broke my tail bone at one point on the old first drop. Thats a huge compliment.

They are also doing the Coney Cyclone which just about anything would be a improvment compared to 2008, Including a wrecking ball.

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I remember Legend as being one of the better Millers left standing now (although admittedly that's not as many as it was when I started in this hobby about 15 years ago). I think only Seabreeze was a better ride...but AP's Legend was pretty smooth, and a lot of FUN, even though it may not have been as intense as say, GL's Dipper or LL's Screechin' Eagle.

My first and only ever ride on Legend last year was so brutal that it was hard to enjoy. Nice that they're spending the money to re-track part of it.

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