Arnolds Park, Iowa, 6/28/2020

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For a very small park that is 3.5 hours away from where I am at, I had always told myself that I would get to Arnolds Park "eventually". I never knew if there was enough to justify the drive. In the end, the justification came by adding Lost Island Water Park (and to also be Theme Park by 2022) to the list. I figured that a trip consisting of an ACE landmark in The Legend, visiting a regionally-impressive water park while also checking up on early digging for the Lost Island Theme Park may be worth it. Anyways, about Arnolds Park.

I have never been to a boardwalk or pier amusement park before, but I believe Arnolds Park would be analogous to those. West Okoboji Lake runs right up against the side of the park, making for a wonderful setting. The park runs on a free entry, pay-per-ride system. I went ahead and got the full-day wristband, which probably was not worth it. The park is full of old-school classic rides that do provide charm. However there are only three rides that I will touch on.

The Legend: To sum up this historic, Iowa woodie, I would say it's honest. For what it is, it be fine, but not exactly thrilling. On the plus side, it ran very smoothly no doubt due to the re-tracking done in 2014 (I believe by GCI). The buzz bars provide a small sample of airtime, but my favorite part of the ride was the finale of bunny hills right against the scenic water. Very cool.

Wild Mouse: A 1950s Allan Herschell Company Mad Mouse that has been relocated thrice. Arnolds Park acquired it in 2019. I guess it's somewhat of a unique credit, but talk about rough and jerky! Ouch!

Boji Falls Log Ride: Out of all the log flume's I have been on, this one scores highest on the drench-level. While the ride and layout is eh, just a warning that my group got soaked both times we did this attraction. Also this ride was relocated from Hunt's Pier in the early 2000s.

My final thoughts are simply if you ever find yourself maybe within an hour's drive or are maybe vacationing in or around Okoboji, sure, take a visit! However, if I had not worked Lost Island into my trip itinerary, I don't believe the 3.5 hour drive would have been warranted.

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

Do they still have the vintage Tipsy House? Or is it SBNO?

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They do still have the Tipsy House, but sadly that attraction was closed due to COVID-19 :(

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

Ok, thanks. And that makes sense.
I consider myself to be a good pandemic citizen, but sometimes I forget simple things. The other day I was at Eat n Park and looked over at an empty salad bar and for a second wondered why. Duh.

I miss Eat n Park Grilled Stickies

They still have em.

Yeah but I'm 1,000+ miles from the nearest one.

I had mine ala mode. Sorry bout it. 😂

Nothing like an Eat n Park grilled stickie, it's been three years since we were back in PA

Grilled stickies with the little potato pancakes is my go-to breakfast when I ever find myself at an Eat n Park, which has unfortunately been a very long time. And when I lived up north my grandfather would always have the Christmas tree version of the smiley cookies at Christmas time.

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