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Thursday, August 15, 2002 9:14 PM

I had never been to cp before and i was as luckey enough to convince my dad to take me and a friend. My dad is awesome for driving two enthusiasts 9 hours when he hates rides so a big thanks to him for being awesome. I am not going to do my long and pathetically engrossed reviews for every single ride because we rode so many coasters. I use the Griswald Scale -3 meaning absolute crap, o meaning average and +5 meaning DUDE ADRENALINE OVERLOAD!

We left my house in central Jersey around 6:30 friday evinging and drove out to danville pa to shave hours off saturdays drive so we could do lots of stuff on saturday. The Drive was uneventfull and boring across pa. We woke up the next morning and finished driving across pa, we got into ohio at around 11 and the first sto of our trip was worlds of adventure. we pulled into the lot and my friend who had previously been said oh man i forgot how much this park SUCKS! This pissed me off cause i was looking at a Gigantic beema floorless and the only thing i was feeling was need for beema. We went in on the wildlife side "GGGRRRR" and got in with our great adventure season passes, the lady that my dad bought his ticket from with my pass books half price thing was tipipicle bad six flags park slow and stupid. After trying to figure out how the hell to get to the wild rides section we finally got there and our first ride was.

Batman Knight Flight
Bolliger And Mabillard Floorless
We rode up front and had a ball smooth as glass and this suprised my friend who had a really bad rideon it last year, As soon as we hit the breaks the lady next to my firend starting puking, with typical six flags manner we were stacked next to the puking lady for 5 mins. This royally sucked. overall that did not detract from the ride but it did detract from our moods. Batman is an awesome floorless not quite on par with medusa west but definetly better then mudusa east and the dark knight imo.

Next up was
CCI Freeform
Ah how i hate gertrualer, awesome ride otherwise with great atand up air and fun trick track and turnarounds, would easily be a 3 or higher with some ptcs.

Next was
Big dipper
ace classic
Wow so fun yet so old, cool trains tons of air, love a classic woodie!

Next was
Superman Ultimate Escape
Intamin 2nd Gen Impulse
Last impulse i rode before this was v2 at marine world last year, i loved that ride and was disapointed at the lack of a hold. Superman is amazing, since it was holding and swaying and doing all those awesome impulse things my friend and i went for our first backseat ride on an impulse. The initial lauch felt weaker then v2s but the 1rt backward launch was blasting at full the rest of the ride was a blast and the hold was AWESOME!

We then left the park because we had to get to the Rock and Roll hall of fame to close out our day.

not being a big fan of music this place was still fun, the exibits were exelent and the lennon thing was scary. My dad a huge music fan would have given it a 5.0. I recomend any cp bound rock and roll fan stop by.

(Warning I am about to type in caps a lot, and since there is no way i can edit all of this because i needed to yell it and express my feeling toward mf when i wrote it, I know it kinda sorta violates the tos but i have seen many a posting much worse and Jeff, please don't close it is is not that bad. If it is to horrible for you just tell me and i will remove all of my enthusiasm.)

The hall of fame closed at 9 and we were at our car by 9:05. We then bound ourselves for sanduskey. We hit the Sanduskey city limit sign at 10:05 and i asked my friend, what time dows cp close tonight, twelve i think was his answer, I suddenly freaked out, HEY I COULD RIDE A GIGA COASTER TONIGHT! I ran the idea past my dad, sure he said, i started freakin outwe drove pastour comfort inn and turned onto the causeway, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! THIS PLACE LOOKS AWESOME! I really started freakin out at this point, ever since i became an enthusiast i had been dyeing to come here and here i was, at the point, I looked over to the left, HOLY MOTHER OF MERCEY! MILLENIUM FORCE! JESUS CHRIST THAT THING IS BIG! We pulled up to the front gate and my hands were shaking, we ran to the ticket booth and the nice lady there said wow you guys you are comming so late and look so exited, you have have tickets for 5 dollars.
My friend and i look at each other, HOLY CRAP THAT ROCKS! NO 20 something twighlight Admison! We RAN Down the midway Raptor Rocketing by on our left and Wicked Twister Way to our right, i currently was having a total mental freak out. I AM AT CP I AM AT CP! passing Corkscrew and Power Tower we suddenly are there, Infront of that sign that has beconed me for 3 years, we see the sign, two hours, HELL YES! WE CAN WAIT! AFTER 3 YEARS 2 HOURs is FINE!We hop in line and i am totally freakin out! Well saying that it is my first time to cp and the whole thing is an experiance i am going to review the que. yes thats right i will review the que.

Is this not the best fricken park in the world? Line always moving Misters, A DJ! OH MY GOD! A DJ! We have been in que for a minute and 7 seconds "I was Timeing" When i hear it, CRWOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!, AHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHH, The train literally BLEw by us it was so fast it looked like a jet cresting that hop turning snapping and BLOWing down the straitaway. Oh My... THAT IS FAST... We continue to weave back and forth with a mf train absolutely making the que shake everytime it Screamed by at supersonic speeds. in 50 mins we hit the soda machines and an hour after that we got in the station, only to see the op closing the front seat line, I was totally pumped at that point watching the train from various angles and this was too much, NO I NEED FRONT! The op walked away and my friend and i opened the thing went in and were safe, the op did nopt notice, we were in the que for the front of MF! The music the lights the screaming riders going up the lift, THE ABSOLUTE INSANE STEEPNESS OF THE LIFT! The SPEED at whitch the train leaves the station it was just too much, i started shaking with anticipation and i would start to cackle every time the train rocketed right by bhind us. Soon it was our turn to board. We hoped on blue train and i started to shake not from anticipation this time but from total freaked out ness, That lift is STEEP! it was 1:10 in the morning and I was about to ride Millenium Force
Intamin Giga
My rating system has never gone above 5 before 5 being the perfect coaster, well i guess i just have to go up then right, We started Climbing the lift at supersonic speeds and my lapbar whitch was about 2 inches up suddenly got pushed down and inch an a half unconciously. I was that freaked out by this lift hill, we get near the top and DAMN we start going even faster! Looking right at cedar point i relize the next two days are about to be the best of my life, i look up at the stars and then relize that i have to crane my nexk to look up soon i can't even look forward cause i am looking strait down. The very quiet train suddenly exploded, all hell broke loose, EVERYONE startedyelping and screaming for all they wre worth and my friend and i were making noises that sounded something like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! i kept my yeeha up for as long as i could, the problem was we were still falling and falling and falling then something happened, I EJECTED into my tbar and the train whitch makes the same noise as the inta hypers i have previously rode started to SCREAM and WHINE! Go ibnto Nolimts make it go as high as you can then lim it all the way down and that is the noise mf makes at the bottomof the first hill, it is amazingly cool, Meanwhilt we are still dropping like rockes and i feel a farmiliar amount of wind, the amount you feel in the front of nitro, this amount GREW AND GREW AND GREW twill it felt like if i opened my mouth i would explode from the force of the air. We pulled out thank god and we were planted firmly into our seats as the tain smooth as silk rose tilted WAY over the the right kept on rising and Cranked over and down with the amount of speed that would make an SR71 seem slow. BLOWING through the turn we rocketed into the tunnel, if i had blicnked i would have missed it, you are going THAT fast, out of the tunnel and over the first big hill, AIRTIME CITY! Flojector Airtime all the way over GEntly pushing you into the lapbar then DOWN GET DOWN SCREAMS THE TRAIN! as you rocket into the first turn then down underup into the second overbank. This all is so fast and so low that you at this point of the ride are completely giddy. I want everybody who says the ride has no air and is boring to shut the hell up and lay at the bottom of the first drop, RIGHT NOW! Wait for a train to come tell me what it feels like to get hit by something that fast. As all of you wackos are lieing at the bottom of the drop we continue to scortch along at amazing velocities and scream over the smaller camelback, EJECTOR GALORE I YELP AS I AM TOSSED ANTO THE BAR AND STAY THERE IN A HALF STANDING POSITION FOR SECONDS! Down and into the tunnel i have that smile that was going to be on my face for the next who knows how long(it is still there) captured forever on my onride photo, Of course i bought the photo. We continue to ZOOM! along through the turn and ovver the hop, EJECTION! we scream through that turn and Snap onto the straitway. Let me tell you YOU DO NOT HAVE AMPLE TIME TO RELIZE YOU ARE TRAVELING STRAIT BY THE TIME YOU HIT THE LAST OVER BANK! WE ROAR OINTO THE OVERBANK AND SLAM INTO THE BREAKS! OH MY FRICKEN LORD, THAT RULED! My friend decided that the ride was definetly his number one cause he had not been able to decide when he rode it last year, I knew that it was my number one by the time we hit the 2nd camelback. I did not know erlier because i was too busy getting high on adrenaline. We got off and went back to the car to meet my dad who saw our pictures and laughed, he saidhe had never seen a smile that big on my face before.

Thursday, August 15, 2002 9:14 PM

We woke up early the next morning and went to the point after eating at the jolly donut, wow OHiO IS CHEAP!, 3 bagels for under 2 bucks cool. We get to the point just about ten buy a 2 day pass and go in.
We catch the skyride to the middle of the park then walk back ot magnum, my dad not getting a first good look at mille says to me, YOU RODE THAT! We soon get to...

Magnum XL200
Arrow Hyper
Wow the first hyper what can i say, these trains make the morgans feel open because of the bad belts and the topheavey lap bars that crush you, the first three hils are great but after that the hops just hurt yer theighs, good tunnels and of course awesome cp full capacity operations. Vibratey at the bottoms of the drops.

Next up is
Mean Streak
Summers and Dinn over breaked Mega Woodie
Everybody who says thisis rough go lay on the track at the botton of the first drop, We rode in front and in back and many more painful coasters come to mind, the front vibrates alittle but this is easily solved by leaning forward. Without the trims and with a little padding though this would be some awesome wood, Even with the trims you get a little float on some of the hills and the high swooping turns are fun. The Capacity is great with those amazing cp ops.

Next up is... Oh crap we rode so much i can't remember! Oh Heck i will review...
B&M Stand Up
First ride was taken in the back and yes there was banging but it was nothing compared to what i get on vekomas, some arrows and hulk earlier this year. It is kinda uncomfortable but the sensation is cool, and in the back there is awesome float off the first drop and midcourse. the trims suck but hey what can be done? Up front it is very smooth in the first half with only a few smackes to the head in the second and it is a FUN ride so if you think this is rough... yes you know what i am gonna say, lie inbetween the brake squuzers on the first drop and wait for the train.
We rode millie again in the badck, not as good as the front, still the best though
Next was
B&M Ivert
Rating can't decide
AH! I hate being dehydrated! when i get dehydrated i get a headache and when i get a headache even very smooth coasters hurt, up untill the cobra roll the thing was comportable and after myhead touched the harness once... Unbearable pain for the rest of the ride. This is an awesome coaster i am sure when u do not feel like crap, i took an advil and drank a lot and was fine for the rest of the day, did not get to ride again due to long line and need for millie the next day though so judgment can wait. I do have 2 complaints however that i know would have been the same nomatter what i felt like, That turn into the breaks is head waching and out of place on a beema and after the midcourse it just seems liek it wants to get back to the staion with very little interesting going on even though it is still very thrilling and cool. just seems like they said hmm lets go back to station now with one big swoop.

Next is
Wow how underrated and fun! tons of airtime and smooth as glass, rates up there with phoenix in my oppinion a good solid and fun woodie.

Next up is
Johhny Rockets
Yummy Cedar Point Resturant
Tuna is good, cp service is good, milkshakes are good ( i work at Dairy Queen and i am sad to say i know a real shake when i tast one compared to one made with stupid syrup and these are REAL as well as REALLY good) Go CP in making a fun place to eat and the dancing waiters are hilarious we told our server the second day that she danced well and she was like"STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!!I AM HORRIBLE" and turned bright red, she beemed though when we said, this is the tip for the service, and this is the tip for being a good dancer. Both servers we had were exelent and fast and the food was good so go CP!

Iron Draggon
Arrow Suspended
I have riden Votex and Big Bad Wolf whitch are supposed to be better then dragon but i enjoyed it more, Vortex at canads wonderland hurt me and big bad wolf felt like the cars were not swinging all the way out for somereason, THe dragon has an interesting layout and a fun finale over the water.

Arrow Oversized Racing Mine Train
WOW if MF is the best Gemini is the most fun, Handslapping no line cause of awesome capacity, floater air what more could you want, get ride of that horrid helix at the end that tries to crunch your ribs and you may have the best racing coaster ever built, never riden lightning racer before but since ther eis no hand slapping it prolly does not have the same giggle man this is neat factor. Once again the insane speed of the ops and 6 train operation made it awesome, I must say i love how they have the microphones going at all the rides and the gemini ops were great. "WELCOME BACK GEMINI RIDERS HOW WAS YOUR RIDE! "reb bursts into cheers and blue just sits there" "Well Blue try red, their train secretly goes onto millenium Forces track underGround and that is why they liked it so much cause everybody knows that millenium force is better then blue gemini, and red gemini is millenium forces RED train! and so on and so forth, gets some really freacked out blue riders laughin.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Arrow Mine Train
Not a bad mine train very smooth for an arrow mine train compared to the hoirrid one at great adventure with the leg bashing bars. There was this, VERY homosexual ride op who wasd being funny, as well as disgusting... I told him that he is funnier then mf's ops and then he got really funny, HA those mf ops think they are the best, just cause theirride is so big does not mean they are, common a trained monkey could run their ride just push a button! wicked twister is the same! we here have a HARD ride to run... out of the station my friend and i relized that that op was one of the fruiotiest guys we had both ever seen. Oh well he provided entertainment when he made fun of mf ops...

Wicked Twister
Intamin 3rd Gen Impulse
Evebn though the initial launch owns sue the rest of the ride can't compare, it does not get up as high the first tower cause of how weak the ride is running with the problems and the rear tower does not get as high as it should and the first backward launch just maintains the speed of the train, still a great ride and i wish i could ride it at full power, the station spiel and music is cool though.

Disaster Transport
Intamin Bobsled
1.5 ride
-3.0 theming
THE THEMING IS WORSE THEN EVERYBODY SAID!!!! CP go to ioa and get some fricken lessons! the ride itself is good though with a good sensation of speed and good swoops, my first bobsled coaster. Too short though.

Arrow Corckscrew
Smooth for an arrow and fun air in the back on the drop and hop the rest of the ride was typical bad tranitions and rattly. Three trains on this thing is amazin though.

THe rest of the rides were rerides of those with the addition of power tower, we did not have any time for other flats power tower was awesome and owns dominator. On our way home we stopped for an hour at knobels to ride twister and phoenix whitch i have riden before

Knobels in house from mister twister plans
Fun a few spotsof good air and smooth what more cna i say one awesome "twister" of a coaster

Schmeck moved by dinn
yay airtime and fun smooth but the red train was not running as well as yellow the day we were their last year, the prices for rides go up ten cents every year, this is evil...

Well That is our trip once again i would like to say my dad is awesome for taking us and letting us into cp that night, for a somebody who dislieks rides takeing me 9 hours to ohio is awesome, he got his rockhall so he is happy as well. Tell me what you think of the report andif i went a bit too far with the mf review...

Friday, August 16, 2002 8:16 AM
Glad you loved the Point as much as I do. Sorry to hear about your Raptor ride! Yes, Millie is incredible at night in the front seat, glad you got to experience it too!!

Good Times!! Good Times!!
CCI Lives On!!!!


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