Are We Having Fun?

You probably notice it at different parks. At some parks the visitors appear to really be having fun and it shows. At other parks they just appear to be more like zombies with occasional interspersed "fun" moments.

Many factorrs enter into this besides the rides and other attractions offered. It can be the friendliness, the cleanliness, the general park appearance, the little features, the length of the lines, the food quality, and the pricing once you are inside the park.

I remember reading a trip report on KW where the person responsible observed that the visitors were really having fun and it showed. From everyone's comments about HW, this is clearly another of these parks and probably one of the best examples of such a place. Then there are parks like GL that leave something to be desired when it comes to the "little things" that make the overall experience enjoyable.

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The only people I generally see who are not having fun are coaster enthusiasts.

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^LOL. To that I'd like to add: Those patrons on the verge of passing out from dehydration.

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I agree, the parks that only offer just enough, seem to be the boring parks, but parks like CP and other large parks, tend to be more fun. For some reason, all the times i've been to CP, I seem to have a different experience, ride-wise, and Park Atmosphere-wise.

Coaster Enthusiast generally go to the parks for the coasters, obviously. But most parks don't centralize their focus on the roller coasters. So when an enthusiast waits in line, generally they would get bored, and not have fun.

But it just depends on how you take a park. Go in with high expectations, you may be dissapointed. I go in, thinking the day will kind of suck, thinking it will rain(CP doesn't offer rain checks) but then it doesn't, and all is well.

The only times I can think of when I don't have fun at a park is:

1) At a park like King's Island that I frequent so much that it just becomes "another trip to KI", and there's really nothing special about it.

2) In the past when I was at a coaster event like Coastermania, (arriving at 4:30am Friday and leaving the park at 12:30am Saturday morning) and I just physically exausted myself to the point where I was really not having fun. I'm not much of a marathon rider...2-3 rides on a coaster and I'm set.

When I do have fun at a park:

1) When it's a park I've never been to before, or it's a park that I haven't been to in a long time.

2) As a dad, when my kids are having fun...I have fun too.

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A lot of enthusiasts have crossed over into the realm of bitter critics and spend their day walking through a park complaining.

I've considered making shirts that say "shut up and have fun or I will pull this car over".

If the park isnt' fun for me, I wouldn't go. The times I don't have fun is when I go to a park that I've never been to, and don't like it. There are also other parks that my family visits that I don't just like, but I go there anyway like the US in Florida.

I like Men in Black, and Back to the Future. Of course, Back to the Future is gone. Everything else is like I've been there, and done that. EPCOT is sort of like the same thing for me except for Test Track, and the ball.

Aurthur, I don't believe I've ever noticed the "general crowd" not having a good time, at any park I've ever been too.

These places---all of them---are just great fun for nearly everyone who goes.

Yes, even the Big Overpriced Corporate Parks (tm).

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Just the kids crying when their parents say it's time to go home.

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The good thing for that besides the screen-name...I wouldn't know an enthusiast from the GP! I did meat gator once (Solace) though...but I'm not sure I'd recognize him again.

For me...I've gained other interests...exponentailly over the past 5 years. I still love Disney with the kids...and enjoy the smaller parks with shorter lines and more atmosphere. As for the regional theme parks...I've almost completley started to ignore them. I no longer HAVE to ride the newest coaster...whereas credits used to be important to me. I no longer stay at a park if the lines get too long for me to enjoy. These parks are just not fun for me in those situations.

I'd rather argue politics and "line cut" policies on here than visit some of the regional parks. I guess I'm still an enthusiast per say...but with limited qualifications...and nothing but history to draw on for some of the regional parks.

It is either my age and changing interests...or plain old boredom. I've done too many parks...too many times...and once the orginality factor is is difficult to get me excited again. Sadly...the personality component that made me enthusiast (love of NEW thrills and adrenaline) may be the same personality component that labels me GP.

I'll still hit the amusement park when I'm traveling through a city some of the time. But these days... a zoo, a lake, a beach, a biking trail, etc...are just as likley to get my interest. Fun has become relative...

Usually when I go to a park, I make a point to take my time to soak in the atmosphere. I realized a long time ago that THAT is the way I can have fun at a park. Rushing around to ride coaster after coaster is what kills my enthusiasm.

Other hobbies also help a lot.

GREAT THREAD, by the way!

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It really amuses me when people post about the "correct order" to do rides at a park. Just go and do things as they come up or as you feel the desire to ride something. Being on a schedule at an amusement park is no fun IMO. It may get you more rides, but that doesn't equate to "more fun" for me.

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