Apple Pay goes live at Walt Disney World parks for Christmas

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The Walt Disney Company's expansive Orlando theme park empire will reportedly begin accepting Apple's fast-growing mobile payments system this week, while Disneyland Resort in California is expected to follow suit next year.

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It's worth noting that the other mobile payments systems work too.

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I don't know anything much about Apple Pay, but is it really that much easier or quicker than a debit/credit card?

It's not necessarily any quicker but imo it is far more convenient and secure. I usually have my 6+ in my hand a good portion of the day... meaning I can just tap it when I get up to the cash register. Unlike Google's solution you don't need to unlock your phone or tap in any code... just hold the phone out w/ the screen off and your fingerprint is instantly recognized.

The real benefit, and the reason the banks gave Apple a cut of the money, is the security. Fingerprint is required of course, but more importantly every transaction uses a uniquely created fake credit card #... there isn't any # to leak or track or hack like the Home Depot situation that happened recently.

While it might seem silly that a fingerprint and uniquely generated card # are protecting my soda purchase on my office drink machine I won't deny that it's pretty damn impressive and completely instant.

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As I've said before, while the biometric scan is certainly a plus, it's not inherently more secure than a PIN, unless you're an idiot who tells other people what your PIN is. :) So what you're left with is a tokenization scheme that in either case conceptually works the same. I think people give Apple entirely too much credit, because it's not particularly different from what online merchants have been doing for more than a decade.

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As a big fan of Apple, I still have to agree with Jeff here.

I view it like a key lock (Apple Pay) and a combination lock (PIN).

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It may not be different than what's been going on for a decade, but apple does tend to make things like this go mainstream.

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That's very true. Their record is a little hit or miss, but I think this will help the broader system of tokenized mobile payments to gain acceptance. That's the weird position that they're in, that they're in second place as far as OS market share goes, but they wholly own that segment (whereas Android is spread across a half-dozen manufacturers).

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