Apex Parks Buys Indiana Beach

Morgan RV gets out of the amusement park business:


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I'm not convinced Morgan RV ever really got into the amusement park business.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I'm not convinced Apex, with a handful of FEC's, is in the amusement park business either.
Should we just go ahead and hope that anything else would be better?

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The guy running Apex is Al Webber, former CEO of Paramount Parks,Palace Entertainment, and COO and Interim CEO of Six Flags Theme Park. I'd say he knows what he's doing as compared to the now previous owners.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Yeah, there's definitely some experience behind these guys. They're smart by starting out small. Hopefully they can build their company carefully and without undue haste. Growing too fast has been the bane of more than one park chain over the years.

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Alrighty then. My hopes (which spring eternal) are back up.

And seriously, they can't do much worse of a job than Morgan did. Not much of anywhere to go but up...

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As much as I held out hope that Spackman family members would come back and bring the park back to its former glory, I am in no way unhappy about this.

Hoping that the reports pick up so much that I'm tempted to add the place onto a future HWN agenda...

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