Anyway to get to SFMM without a car??

Is there any way to get to SFMM from LA without a car? I'm planning on getting one soon, but I have a while to go. Does anyone know of some secret bus or something?? Thanks a lot!

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You can take Metrolink to the Santa Clarita station and then take the bus from there...
This bus company will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the park.

It's a little expensive, but it includes admission. You also don't get to pick how long you stay at the park.

Also I just found this information for if you're staying downtown (LA is a big area... and your options are a little different depending on where you'll be):

"Okay we are going to assume you are starting in downtown Los Angeles, at Union station now if you wanted to go to Six flags, from Union station you can board a Antelope valley train -which you will take to Newhall, then you will board a SCT bus which will take to the Mcbean transfer center there you will transfer to another SCT line 3 or 7 for service to Six flags remember to hold on your metrolink ticket as its valid on the bus (as well as metrolink)"
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Thanks a lot you guys!! I'm hoping to catch X before they close it!
Are you sure X is still open?
I suspect they have already closed it -
they have an online special right now for 29.99

I myself am going up there post-thanksgiving weekend to check up on some friends and ride one or two coasters.

airtime for everyone
X closes on December 3rd. Get rides in while you can. :)
^ While we're on the topic of ride closures...

The park's Freefall (currently only one of two remaining Intamin first generation free fall towers in the country) will operate for the last time on December 9.

^ so would Demon Drop be the last first generation freefall left? I love those rides and have a special place for Mr. Hydes or whatever it is and wherever it is now as it was the first and located in my home park of SFGam. I loved it when I was younger...

Intimidator 305 the tallest most hated coaster nobody has ever ridden...

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