Anything new for Lakemont in '08?

I'm thinking about a trip or two east next year. Can we expect a new attraction in Altoona? Barry, if you're reading, ya got anything up your sleeve?

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Maybe the train restoration will be finished (if it isn't already)!
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Word on the streets (well, my street) is that they're closing the park and changing operations to a water park for next season...

...all the cool kids are doing it. ;)

Now Gonch, don't do that! For a millisecond there, you had me. ;)

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^^^ But then they realized they didn't have any a whole chain of other parks to send their rides to. :)
They also realized they're better than that.
lol! I'm with Ensign Smith

Gonch, you almost gave me a heart attack :)

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^Gonch tends to do that, but it was funny as hell. ;)


...On a somewhat related note... geographically speaking, anything at all on the status of Revolution at Delgrosso's? (or the part they set up as a display)

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They haven't posted anything about it on their web site. Of course, they have all winter to update.

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Has anyone been to the park lately? I would think that by now, the parts for the ride are being refurbished. It makes sense to do that now before the cold winter months, unless there's a big building they can be put inside so they can be worked on.
Isn't tomato sauce supposed to be a good metal cleaner? :) Rob, I think DelGrosso's closes around the end of September.
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Rob Ascough said:
Has anyone been to the park lately?

I was there for Ridefest at the begining of October. Here are some pictures.

And an on-ride video of Leap the Dips. The shouting of 500 at the end of the ride was for Rob from Ocean City Maryland. He was sitting next to me and it was his 500th coaster. Way to go Rob. :)

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Great pics. Seeing all the rides all lined up in pieces parts like that flashed me back to the saddest day I've ever had at an amusement park -- the Erieview auction last year.

Wow, can't think of a better 500th credit than LtD.

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I was at the Lakemont thing for about two hours (arrived right during lunch) and was able to get one credit I never thought I would get....the Toboggan! :)

Great pics, Jason!


Nice photos Jason. Seems you did some walking around and photographed the rides from some unique spots. But what's with the stalking? Seems you got pictures of our group riding Phoenix and Twister! ;)
That would be horrible day to go. They only have the three coasters open. That would stink!
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Actualy I took most of the pics before anyone got there. All 4 coasters ran at one point. The had the train running after lunch. Scrambler was also running.

Last year the Kiddie Coaster and Scrambler wasn't running. they had Round up and the Tin Lizzys running.

Free put-put and unlimited video games.

There may have been more, I don't recall.

This event is held during the time when the park is winterizing and getting ready for their annual "Holiday Lights on the Lake" They have a limited staff during the event. The food has been very good both years. Especialy the desserts. :) Both years I've gone, they also have an opportunity to do Photo walk backs for Leap the Dips and Skyliner (With the Trains Running). Fron what I've heard, this years turn-out was one of the best they've had. It was definatly a lot more than last year.
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