Anything new for CFKI??

I know the Maxxpass is new, but I havent heard anything about new rides/shows for Kings Island next year. They usually announce in August i believe. Any word??
So far not a peep yet about anything new coming to any of the paramount parks next season.
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I don't think any of the CF parks, aside from CP, have announced anything for the 2007 season. :(


It's PKI.
I'm guessing you put CFKI meaning Cedar Fair's Kings Island. One thing CF has always done with all of their parks is they do not brand each of their parks the same. SF and Paramount do this by having the same ride in each park and putting their name in front of the park's name. CF has never done this and I hope they never do. PKI is still its name, KI is even more accurate.
Is Knott's Soak City getting anything? ;)
Is Valleyfair getting anything... Yes, a new GCI woodie!
I thought it was KI now?!? Didn't the front gate area loose the Paramount name?
not yet
Like I said. It's PKI.
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PKI for now, KI next year. Always KI to me.

Like Kinzel said in the 2Q press conference, expect annnouncements sometime in the fall quarter - probably October if not later. I want to guess that Viacom/CBS either didn't plan anything for 2007, or they axed it, but I'd also be surprised if CF didn't throw anything in, at least for KI. But for now, keep waiting...

Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces.

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If they did have something already planned that would be a pretty last minute axe (axing?). A major coaster or attraction to be built at PKI for the 2007 season would havd been ordered quite a while back. If I were to hazard a guess the cost of cancelling or delaying something like that would be a lot more than just going ahead with whatever was already in the works.
I think whatever the Paramount Parks orginally had planned is what they are going to get. However what is likely being worked out is the name of the new ride and theming. The ride names and theming are something that can be quickly changed and something I can Cedar Fair changing to suit their interests.

With that being said, there really has not been much speculation on what kings island could be getting. I have not heard any rumors, and it just seems like if it was a roller coaster or major addition, you might of have some rumor by now, or possibly some signs of construction. A new waterpark addition, possibly another flat ride, or some smaller additions are possible. I just don't expect anything major, just because there are no signs of it yet, and its getting later into the season.

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KI doesn't have a B&M. I'm hoping for a custom flyer, but I would be really excited if they bring back King Cobra! Is there a possibility of that? *** Edited 9/10/2006 6:55:23 PM UTC by DantheCoasterman***
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^No. And honestly I wouldn't expect an onslaught of new coaster building in the classic CF style at KI anytime soon. As much as I would welcome a classic hyper or B&M invert at KI I think the park has done a good job of counter-programming what Cedar Point has done, and it seems as though CF wouldn't mind continuing that.

In other words turning KI into "Cedar Point South" would probably make things interesting for us enthusiasts but may not be the best business decision.

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