Anyone use the Dorney Dining Deal?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 1:04 AM

I went to Dorney back in early July, and I usually go once a year. I believe the one and only time I ate a meal there was my 9th grade field trip (and I graduated high school in 2004). The lines are so light that you typically can get on all the coasters even if you only get the twilight pass. Typically, I can even catch some water rides first over in WWK, still get on all the coasters, and still be done before it closes. I live a little over an hour away. My typical meal plan involves getting something to eat at about the half way point of my drive, as it's where I hit the best restaurants, getting funnel cake only in the park (making sure to get the real one, they do sell some fake prepackaged types) taking advantage of the available free water that you will be given without an eye roll like at SFGAdv, then eating in Quakertown on the way home.


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