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Dorney Park in the old days?

Just another Mike..

If only Thunderhawk ran that good today. But it was better in 08 than previous visits.

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Thunderhawk is my top woodie as of my first rides in 2005.

That was before my time, but I miss the Dorney of the mid to late 80's. CF has taken out almost all the classic rides except the Whip. I do like some of the newer additions like Talon and Steel Force but I miss a lot of the older rides like the Skooters (boats).

I'll admit it, I do. Journey, Pirate Cove.. Notice the cars driving through the center of the park. That highway in front of the park wasn't always there, and traffic in and out of Allentown drove right past Thunderhawk. Except back then, I don't think it had a name, it was just "the Coaster."

May not have been the greatest movie, but it had a lot of talent in it. Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Susan St. James, Van Johnson.

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Ambiguous title fail.

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Have that movie on DVD as well as its predecessor, The Trouble with Angels. Got Em from Wally's for :) FREE :) thanks to one of those Gift Cards the Auto Dealers give away whenever they're doing their Sales Promos (About every six weeks).

I Visited Dorney in 1984 when they still had the "Alfundo" Clown Entrance, and I rode the Journey to the Center of the Earth Mill Chute (I loved how the "Monsters" were afraid of US, one Critter would say something like "Why can't they just go away?"), as well as the Circle Swing. Dorney is still a great Park, but I miss these rides as many of you do as well :( I've been fortunate enough to ride five of those Mill Chutes, In addition to the one at Dorney the Chutes at Idora and Bertrand's Island are long gone. 1 1/2 Mill Chutes still exist.Theres the one at Lake Winnie, which I plan to ride it again next Summer. The "1/2" Is the one at Seabreeze. The channel and the hill are still there, but they replaced the Boats with Logs some time back.

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Vater said:
Thunderhawk is my top woodie as of my first rides in 2005.

I like ThunderHawk a lot. The only thing that keeps it from my Top Ten woodies is the insanely short ride time. I wish it was about 30 seconds longer.

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