Anyone plan visit to BGT

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Hi! Everyone,

My name is Alec Shapiro 37 yrs old male from Indiana. My vacation go to Sarasota,Florida visit my dad on July 16th to 24th. And so We'll go to Busch Garden on July 20th. Anyone able to go to Busch Garden??

Send me email let me know. If you want.


Check out the meeting board. People should post if there going to the park that day. Pretty nifty thing.


Yep...Look on the side colum of this page, and under tools you will find the Meeting Calandar. It's a great feature of this site where people can find out when others are going to be at a park, and they can possibly meet up with them.

I haven't knowingly met anyone here in person yet, but I am a loner, a rebel (lol).

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