Anyone familiar with Maginis Amusements?

Tuesday, January 21, 2003 6:03 AM
Maginis Amusements, a relitively small carnival outfit based in Maine has been touring Northern Ohio for several years. They used to play my hometown, Chesterland's, church festival. I thought the outfit was dead until they played Chesterlands Home Days back in July 2001.

Maginis has several significant rides: An Eyerly Loop-O-Place (disappointingly converted to an electric engine), a Wisdom Flying Carpet/Empire Express, and Hubritz Paratrooper, and an Eli-Bridge Blue trailer-mounted Scrambler (with sunburst lighting) and several other rides. We used to have a Venture Cobra and Scat, but the Cobra was sold and the Scat was Sideswiped.

So, if anyone has seen this outfit lately, could you let me know when and where, for Im trying to keep tabs on them. Thanks.


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