Anyone ever seen one of these before?

50's era chevy truck with a PTO driven ferris wheel in the back?

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Wow! Weird you find that? Looks like Jeepers Creepers meets Killer Clowns.

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Yup... the lake community here used to have one like that come for it's annual Festival Day

Truck mounted kiddie ride shows were not at all uncommon during the 1950's. They were forty milers that specialized in one night street fairs and church carnivals. More common in New York, New Jersey and PA from my recollection.

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CoasterDemon said:
Jeepers Creepers meets Killer Clowns.

Awesome analogy, Billy. Awesome!

I think that I saw and maybe rode one of these when I was a ten-year-old kid back in the mid-eighties at a strange fake amusement park called Sunshine City, in Oklahoma City. They had all kinds of strange rides just like that. I remember a truck that had two small carousels on the back, and a homemade looking swing ride that had seats made entirely of unpainted plywood.

It is a surreal memory in my head. The park had a collection of rides that I had never seen before, and never have since.

I saw it driving past the lot of this place, so I went to the web site to see what it was all about.

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I recall seeing one once, at a local carnival back in the 80's. Carnivals always seem to have the strangest rides.


Carnivals always seem to have the strangest people.

Fixed that for ya.

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Around 15 minutes from my house, there was someone that had a truck like that with a kiddie whip in their driveway for years. It was put up on EBay a year or two ago and I guess it sold since it's no longer there.

I never really saw them at carnivals growing up, but they often appeared on the main drag in town when there'd be a city festival of some sort. I've seen them with Whips, Ferris Wheels, Flying Cages, and a very simple version of the now-ubiquitous swinging Pirate Ships...without the "ship" part, of course. That pic brought back some good memories!

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