Anyone been to Dorney Park's "Fright Fest"

Or whatever it is called. An overnight trip to PPP is not in the cards this year so I was looking for something closer by. How is it? Are the coasters all open and stuff?

I visited Dorney's "Fright Fest" in 2006 on the way to PPP. All of the coasters were open except Thunderhawk, which had a Walk-Through underneath it and Talon, which was closed for maintainence. Since I have ridden Thunderhawk before, and was notified in advance that it would not be running I was not disappointed. A Highlight was hearing Black Sabboth's "Ironman" played on the Carousel's Band Organ along with some other "Halloween" Music.

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It's my favorite in-park Halloween event. I've been there about 6-7 years running. Half of the Haunts are extremely entertaining, the others are "meh." But the good outweighs the mediocre. The best are the Asylum (indoor;) Cornstalkers (outdoor in WWK;) and the best of the best, Camp Cudie (See You Die..get it?) It's a long walk through a Friday the 13th type scenario. Only thing is, I'm assuming that's gone for this year unless they remove the Dinosaurs, which I don't see happening. It's the same location.

As mentioned above all coasters save Thunderhawk and most other rides were open. I even recall T'Hawk being open early in the day, but I may be mis-remembering that.

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I think you're right, Mike. When I've attended, Thunderhawk was open during the day. It only closed when the Haunt began.

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And another haven't lived until you've gone through Cornstalkers with an autistic female twenty-something in a wheelchair. Oh, my Lord.

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Yes Thunderhawk closes at 5:00 (along with Cedar Creek Cannonball and all Planet Snoopy rides).

I go a few times every year but not for the Haunt stuff although the few walkthroughs I have tried were very well done.

I would avoid Saturday nights they can get crowded but Friday nights (except the last Friday night the park is open) and Sunday's are usually not crowded. Only the last few Sunday's are Haunt days though, the rest are just regular operating days with Boo Blast only and no Haunt.

Even with Haunt going into it's 5th season, I am still surprised at how small the crowds are compared to Fright Fest at Great Adventure. Great Adventure only has a few trails/mazes and except the smaller Lakefront Graveyard, all are upcharges and Dorney has 10+ Haunts for free with admission.

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Don't forget the shows. They usually have some sort of pop-rock revue with dancing zombies and whatnot (much better than it sounds actually, they have some talented people there), and a freak show. (I haven't been to the freak show because I haven't been there with anybody who wanted to see it, so I don't know if it's any good.)

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Such a bummer about's been YEARS since I got a ride on that thing (and no, I'm not leaving PPP early on Sunday for one)....

The Haunted Hotel thingy, Camp C-U-Die, and Cornstalkers are typically my favs...

^^^ I live a bit closer to SFGA but dont feel like dealing with the crowds or the upcharges..... we were looking at a Sunday (Oct 21st, I will have to check the calendar of events when it comes out and make sure it's a full blown haunt day).

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If anyone had been to Dorney's Haunt, You'd already have known.

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