Anybody going to Stricker's?

I'm planning on heading down for the
Fourth. I'll be flying solo -- nobody else wants to drive across Ohio for two small woodies -- but I really want those credits for Tornado and Teddy Bear. Anybody else going? Any advice for my first trip?

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I may go as well. Even though I've done Stricker's several times, it's worth a visit for me once a year living in the greater Cincinnati area.

On the 4th, parking is about $3, and admission is free, and you can pay as you go or buy a wristband ($15 give or take). Soft drinks are $1, and you can get some good food for $5/meal, if you don't want to bring your own food/picnic in. It'll be a great day to meet up with some friends and bump into a few others. The park isn't too busy in the early-mid afternoon, but it picks up later on, as they have fireworks.

There's several great rides to do, especially the miniature railroad, and don't forget to ride the Tornado in the back!

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I may or may not go, it depends how I feel at the time. I won't be able to leave until the afternoon and I have about a 2 hour drive.

I usually go on Family Day on August. It's been years since I've been there on the Fourth. Do they do that thing where all the rides shut down for an hour for dinner?

I called the number for the park, and talked to a very nice lady who I am guessing is the owner or the widow of the owner. She said parking was four dollars, and ride all day wristbands were $13. She also said the park opens at 3:00.

I hope there is some Stricker's Grove merchandise available to buy. I spend more money at these little parks on things like shirts and postcards than I do at the biggies.

I'm thinking the next day (Thursday the 5th) I may hit KI for a few hours before heading back up to Akron.

Hope to see some Coasterbuzzers!

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I never saw any merchandise. The garbage cans have a Strickers bumper sticker on them but they don't sell these. The only thing you'll find is skee ball tickets.
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Went last year...that should cover me for the next decade or so. :)

Nice little place. We arrived in the late afternoon and planned on sticking around for the Fireworks, but just ran out of stuff to do. Ended up making it back to Dayton with plenty of time to see local fireworks.

I imagine some of you guys could have a great time here and we did too - just not enough there for us to stay more than a couple of hours.

^^^The only thing they sell as far as souvenirs(sp?) is a plastic keychain in the shape of a 1 and it says "#1 place for fun!" Also, it has the adress of Sticker's Grove. :P I bought mine in the skeeball building for $1.

I was at Stricker's Grove for Coaster Con, and even though I live in Cincinnati I won't be going back. I mean, it's not that I had a horrible time, but it was worth visiting once. ANYWAY, I spoke a little to the woman who I think was the owner, and she was very friendly.
Tip Top is an awesome ride! Some of the tubs don't spin very well at all, and some spin like mad. The ride op told me that car 6 was a good one and he was right.
On Tornado there are these two airtime spots that are very powerful and unexpected. They hurt, so hold on. :)

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It's a nice little park. I went for July 4th two years ago and the fireworks show was one of the best "local" shows I have seen.

I am going in August. I miss that corn on the cob and that HEAVENLY butter....:)

I never found myself running out of things to do, then again I was with a bunch of people and we pretty much stayed on the flyers. ;)


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I'll be there. A few rides. FLyers and a bunch of friends is all I need for a nice day. Hope to see ya there.

Chuck, who thought it was 2-11 but who cares?
Hope I don't get kicked off the flyers this year.

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I went to the day on the 4th several years ago, and don't remember them doing the 1-hour intermission. They do the intermission on their public days in August and October... (when parking and soft drinks are free, and admission includes the rides)

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Are there any crowds to speak of on the Fourth?

I'll be wearing my Maverick First Rider t-shirt, so if anybody sees me, say hi!

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Great little park. I wish there were something like that closer to my house. I was there last year and in 2001 or 2002.

It was last October and getting a little cold. We spent the first part of the day in Metamora, IN. Its a neat little town. Then we drove to Stricker's. I absolutely love the fall.

In the evening they sat all the corn on the cob and butter so people could eat the left overs for free. I must have ate 4 of them. My wife and kids all had some too. We all had butter all over our faces. Yes, that is a great memory.

I've never been there in July or August.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

My family and i will be there if the weather is nice.

I was there on the 4th and again in August in 2005. Both times the park was "crowded", but wait times for all rides were short (1-2 cycles). Even the Tornado line was 15 minutes max (usually 5-10).
I think that a large percentage of guests hang out in the picnic areas and socialize, as opposed to riding the rides over and over.

If you would like more details here is a TR I wrote 2 years ago... *** Edited 7/3/2007 4:22:42 AM UTC by buckeye brad***

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Are they going to have the Round Up operational? Thats the only newer ride they have now, isn't it? They didn't buy anything else from LeSourdsville, did they?

Speaking of buying used rides, did anything positive ever happen with Schwabinchin?

Roundup is operational from what I understand.

They bought the ride from Jerry Couch who claimed the ride was in excellent condition. Well a main bearing or something was bad in it and Ralph had to have the park custom made. He rehabbed the whole ride before he passed on and I was told by reliable sources that it would be open this year.

Chuck, who says Schwabinchin is still sitting out back in pieces and will never run again from what I understand it was just too cost prohibitive as parts aren't available and it's just wore out.

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It's supposed to be pretty hot and steamy (or just real hot) like 90° tomorrow. Add to that the fact that Heart is playing for the Blue Ash 4th of July festival, and I have to work 3rd shift, I'll have to pass on Stricker's this time. But I can always visit in August or October...

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