Anybody ever go to Fantasy Farm in Middletown?

I live about 2 minutes from the defunct park. In fact many days I take my dog for a walk through the old park. The front gate is always open and there are no signs indicating people to stay out. It is really sad seeing what the park has turned into. I located a memorial website for them and tried to located where the rides were placed when fantasy farm was an active amusement park. Now most of the buildings are crumbling and the brush is overgrown. I will post some pictures if anybody is interested in seeing the park 15 years after it closed its doors. I would like to hear stories of anybody that got to visit it when it was open.
I think I would dig some cool pics of an old park.
I went to that park as well as Lesourdsville Lake several times back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. We usually went to Fantasy Farm during the day, and then Lesourdsville at night. I remember seeing Larry Smith's Puppets at Fantasy Farm at least once along with other WXIX TV promotions.
I went to Fantasy Farm for the first (and only) time in 1985. They had a Hershell Monster Mouse ride there at the time. I (Naturally) Visited Americana while I was there, going on to visit King's Island the following day. Bothe of these little parks will be missed, I thought they greatly complemented each other as well as their "Big Neighbor" that was just 15 miles east of them.
I was there as a real little guy. I remember a slide out of a barn (?)! I remember a small circular kiddie coaster. That about sums it up...
Visited fantasy farm many times as a kid.

However I just rode Fantasy Farms Flying scooters yesterday! At Fun Spot!


And of course the Tilt A Whirl from Fantasy Farm now resides at nearby Coney Island. Similarly, the Tempest at Coney once operated at Americana. I wouldn`t be surprised if one of the rides that Americana has for sale finds its way to Coney next season...

Former Coney Island (Cincinnati) ride operator (2002-2004)

Yeah, my only memory of Fantasy Farm is a slide with rollers on it. I was very young, give me a break.

Once I got old enough, we skipped FF and started going to Americana every year as a family trip.

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Americana's (Lesourdsville is the name) Rock O Plan is going to Coney. The Super Round up from Lesourdsville is already being constructed at Strickers.


We took the kids there a couple of times. Anyone remember the swing ride with the Santa shaped cars? That thing was disturbing, but it's the only ride at the park my kids remember now.

Given the condition of the Monster Mouse its last year, it's the ride I always look back upon and wonder what I was thinking when I rode it.

Yep, the Rock O Plane is going to Coney. The ride itself is already at the park. They already have a location picked out for it near the Carousel. But that might not be the only thing Coney gets next year...

Former Coney Island (Cincinnati) ride operator (2002-2004)

Nice to have a decent thrill ride at Coney. The old Eyerly O-Plane rides are so great and they allowed many smaller parks to have good thrills without a major capital outlay. Too bad that they had to give way to rides that are so much bigger and more expensive.

As far as I know, there are no parks that have all of the O-Planes because Lake Winnie has the only Fly-O-Plane. Denver's Lakeside Park has all of the others: Loop-O-Plane, Roll-O-Plane, and Rock-O-Plane.

Arthur Bahl

I went to fantasy farm and Americana when i was younger. It was probably 1993 or so.

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