Anybody else have REALLY old pictures on their sea

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 1:23 PM
In 1996, Darien Lake (now known as Six Flags Darien Lake :P ) started to take b&w, digital photos in ther central computers. I have gotton a season pass every year since, and they send me new passes in the mail everytime i reorder (with the SAME picture!)...

...well, its now the 2001 season, I am just about 15 years old, and I still have a picture when I was 9 years old!!!!!!! They say you may get a new picture any time during the year for free (all season long). The lines for season pass processing are ALWAYS horendous, and I am not gonna be waiting an hour just to get a new photo. They are starting to give me a "close" look, and almost wouldnt let me in on several occasions!

Now that I am going to SFMM in April, I am worried they won't let me in cuz I look SOOOOOOO much different in the photo of 1996 than I do now. I have tried to get a new photo towards the end of the season, but that is when they don't process them anymore (in the letter it says ANYTIME during the year) which is a lie,

well, anyways, does anybody else have really old pictures from their park?

Alan Jacyszyn
SFDLnet: - Opening Soon
Tuesday, March 20, 2001 6:41 PM
I have a photo album of pics taken my last year at CP. 1974 to be exact. Most of you wouldn't recognize the place. It had more carousels than coasters that year. The Muller on the main midway(where it had been since 1946),the Dentzel in Kiddieland, the kiddie Alan Herschell also in Kiddieland,Cedar Downs, and the now legendary Dentzel in Frontiertown.
We also ran the CP&LE RR like a commuter line on busy days. Three trains dispatched about five minutes apart.Unload 400 people, load 400 people,and highball!

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