Anybody been to Conneaut Lake's pumpkin fest?

I'm thinking of taking my wife and daughter on Saturday. With Blue Streak up and running again, it ought to be worth the trip to NW Pennsylvania. However, I just read an online blurb that stated that last year's attendance over three days was 24,000 (!). This seems like a huge number for such a small park with one coaster.

Has anyone been to one of these events? Have they been the massively crowded days that I'm imagining? If it means wading through shoulder-to-shoulder masses and hour long waits for the lone woodie, I might rather wait until next year to visit again...

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Its all good times. In addition to the Ghost Lake, the Blue Streak, the Beach Club, and Hotel Conneaut in operation, there is a substantial amount of food concessions, retal sales booths, and various entertainment offerings.

Its probably the best time to be at the park all year, with the trees turning color, the haunted attractions, etc.

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