Any recent Dragon Mountain pics?

Just curious how the new theming looks/is coming along. How far are they going with the completion? I heard they just did the volcano, but are they still thinking of the falls? I haven't seen any new Marineland pictures except for the topple tower (which they haven't really even started on yet) -Thanks. I did a search real quick and nothing came up for this, though I know it has been discussed before. *** Edited 8/13/2006 1:28:17 PM UTC by P18***
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These aren't the best, but I didn't take 'em.

Just shows the Volcano from a different angle (ie: on-ride)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Looks fairly predictable from what was taken on the outside. Nobody has commented if the waterfalls was taken... nobody here has posted a TR from there, and I'm not going until the Topple Tower is complete (anywhere from now until 2010 judging from their latest construction pictures).

I was just at Marineland last weekend, and that's as far as the "volcano" has gotten. The "waterfall" is not in place.
I wonder if they are at the "is it really worth it to finish it now" stage again?!?!
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Holy stromboli! I hadn't even heard they were planning on completing the theming. Very cool to see!

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